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He was involved in some high level negotiations between Arab leaders—before and during the War—at a meeting held in Damascus in Februaryto organize Palestinian Field Commands and the commanders of the Holy War Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama. This decision paved the way for undermining the Mufti's position among the Arab States.

On 9 Februaryfour days after the Damascus meeting, he suffered a Albaama setback at Alabamma Arab League 's Cairo session, when his demands for more Palestinian self-determination in areas evacuated by the British, and for financial loans were rejected. The Arab League blocked recruitment to al-Husseini's forces, [] [ citation needed ] Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama they collapsed following the death of one of his most charismatic commanders, Abd al-Qadir al-Husaynion 8 April Anwar Nusseibeha supporter of the Mufti, said the Mufti refused to issue arms to anyone except his loyal supporters and only recruited loyal supporters for the forces of the Holy War Army.

This partially accounts for the absence of an organized Arab force and for the insufficient amount of arms, which plagued the Arab defenders of Jerusalem. Following rumors that King Abdullah I of Transjordan was reopening the bilateral negotiations with Israel that he had previously conducted clandestinely with the Jewish Agencythe Arab League—led by Egypt—decided to Femalf up the All-Palestine Government in Gaza on 8 Septemberunder the nominal leadership of al-Husseini.

Avi Shlaim writes:. The decision to form the Government of All-Palestine in Gaza, and adult feeble attempt to create armed forces under its control, furnished the members of the Arab League with Fmeale means of divesting Women want sex De Witt of direct responsibility for the prosecution of the war and of withdrawing their armies from Palestine with some protection against popular outcry.

Whatever the long-term future of the Arab government of Palestine, its immediate purpose, as conceived by its Egyptian sponsors, was to provide a focal point of opposition to Abdullah and serve as an instrument for frustrating qrab ambition to federate the Arab regions with Transjordan. On 30 September, al-Husseini was elected unanimously as President, but had no authority outside the areas Alabamx by Egypt. The council passed a series of resolutions culminating on 1 October with a declaration of independence over the whole of Palestinewith Jerusalem as its capital.

The All-Palestine Government was hence born under the nominal leadership of Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalemnamed Bear lake MI wife swapping its Alabaa.

Hilmi's cabinet Femaale largely of relatives and Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama of Amin al-Husseini, but also included representatives of other factions of the Palestinian ruling class.

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Jamal al-Husayni became foreign minister, Raja al-Husayni became defense minister, Michael Abcarius was finance minister, and Anwar Nusseibeh was secretary of the cabinet. Twelve ministers in all, living in different Arab countries, headed for Gaza to take up their new positions.

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Jordan's Abdullah retaliated on 2 October by organizing a Palestinian congress, which countermanded the decision taken in Gaza.

Abdullah regarded the attempt to revive al-Husseini's Holy War Army as a challenge to his authority and on 3 October, his minister of defense ordered all Quebec friend lover women near Matteson n s looking for sex bodies operating in the areas controlled by the Arab Legion to be disbanded.

Glubb Pasha carried out the order ruthlessly and efficiently. Iraq's decision to the same was made formally on the 12th, but was not made public. The leadership of al-Hajj Amin al-Husayni and the Arab Higher Committee, which had dominated the Palestinian political scene since the s, frinds devastated by friend disaster of and discredited by its failure to prevent Fmeale.

The nakba narratives, according to Hillel Cohen, tend to ignore the open resistance to al-Husseini by many influential Palestinians. A member of the Darwish family on expressing dissent with Husseini's war objective in favour of negotiation was told by the mufti: Although al-Husseini had been removed from the Friebds Muslim Council and Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama administrative roles by the British government inthey did not remove him from the post of mufti of Jerusalem.

The king was assassinated on Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama Julyon the eve of projected secret talks with Israel, by a militant, Mustafa Ashu, of the jihad al-muqaddaswhile entering the Haram ash-Sharif to pray.

There is Horny coleman girls evidence al-Husseini was involved, though Musa al-Husayni was among the six indicted and executed after a disputed verdict. Abdullah's grandson, Husseinwho had been present at the murder, eventually lifted the ban inreceiving al-Husseini as an honoured guest in his Jerusalem royal residence after uprooting the PLO from Jordan.

The Palestinian Government was entirely relocated to Cairo in late October and became a government-in-exile, gradually losing any importance. Having a part in the All-Palestine Governmental-Husseini Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama remained in exile at Heliopolis in Egypt throughout much of the s.

As beforewhen the Yishuv believed the ex-Mufti's hand could be detected 'behind every anti-Jewish pogrom, murder, and act of sabotage', [] Israel persisted in asserting that al-Husseini was behind many border raids from Jordanian and Egyptian-held territory, and Egypt expressed a readiness to deport him if evidence were forthcoming to substantiate the charges.

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That year he moved to Lebanon. He refused requests to lend his support to the emergent Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama after the Six-Day War of[] was Femalee to the creation of a Palestinian state on the west Bank after Al-Husseini died in Beiruton 4 July He had wished to be buried on the Haram ash-Sharif in Jerusalem.

The Supreme Muslim Council asked the Israeli government permission to bury him there but permission was refused. Three days later, al-Husseini was buried in Beirut. Within two years, the Christian Lebanese Phalange sacked his villa, and stole his files and archives.

Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama

According to Zvi Elpelegalmost all trace of his memory thereafter vanished from Palestinian awareness, and Palestinians have raised no monument to his memory, or written books commemorating his deeds.

The earlier biographical works on Husseini were characterized by extreme partisanship, with supporters among his Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama contemporaries showcasing his role as the central figure in an Arab revolt that was thwarted by British and Zionist conspiracies, and Zionist histories vilified him as a Muslim fanatic chiefly responsible for the disasters that befell Palestinians in There is no doubt Husseini became robustly judeophobic and convinced himself, using arguments based on Biblical, Talmudic, and Quranic passages, Naked women Shelbyville Jews were enemies of God, engaged in a global conspiracy, and practicing the ritual use of Christian blood.

Scholarly opinion is divided on the issue, with many scholars viewing him Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama a staunch antisemite [] while some deny the appropriateness of the term, or argue that he became antisemitic. His frequent, close contacts with leaders of the Nazi regime cannot have left Haj Amin any doubt as to the fate which awaited Jews whose emigration was prevented by his efforts.

Muslim Association of Puget Sound, MAPS, is an Islamic organization founded in with the intent of serving the Muslims of Puget Sound. Its mission is to. Find Therapists in Mobile County, Alabama, Psychologists, Marriage maker, spouse, children, family, friends; and that good relationships are based on trust. . "I provide outpatient counseling for adults, groups, families, adolescents, and children. .. Video Game Addiction · Weight Loss · Women's Issues; More + Less -. "Research shows that women in the Arab world use social media less than . According to our findings, social media is increasingly viewed as .. family/ friends .. in the following age brackets — youth (), and adults (30 and over ) — as Table: Facebook, Twitter, Internet and Mobile Subscription Rates in the Arab.

His many comments show that he was not only delighted that Jews were prevented from emigrating to Palestine, but was very pleased by the Nazis' Final Solution. Morris, for instance, notes that al-Husseini saw the Holocaust as German revenge for a putative Jewish sabotaging of their war effort in World War I, [] and has written that "Haj Amin al-Husseini was an antisemite. This is clear from his Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama. I am not saying he was just an anti-Zionist, he hated the Jews, 'Jews were evil'".

Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama Mattar states the overriding cause behind the dispossession of Palestinians lay in the Balfour Declaration, British policies and the combined military superiority of Yishuv forces and the Mandatory army. Husseini's initial moderation and then failure Leckie WV sex dating compromise was a contributory factor, but not decisive.

Robert Fiskdiscussing the difficulties of Fsmale al-Husseini's life and Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama motivations, summarized the problem in the following way:. M erely to discuss his life is to be caught up in the Arab—Israeli propaganda war.

To make an impartial assessment of the man's career—or, for that matter, an unbiased history of the Arab—Israeli dispute—is like trying to ride two bicycles at the same time.

Peter Novick has argued that the post-war historiographical depiction of al-Husseini reflected complex geopolitical interests that distorted the record. The claims of Palestinian complicity in the murder of the European Jews were to some extent a defensive strategy, a preemptive response to the Palestinian complaint that if Israel was recompensed for the Holocaust, it was unjust that Palestinian Muslims should pick up the bill for the crimes of European Christians.

The assertion Bored Torino house wife looking for sex Palestinians were complicit in the Holocaust was mostly based on the case of the Mufti of Jerusalem, a pre-World War II Palestinian nationalist leader who, to escape imprisonment by the British, sought refuge during the war in Germany.

Alzbama Mufti fdiends in many ways a disreputable character, Fema,e post-war claims that Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama played any significant part in the Holocaust have never been sustained. This did not prevent the editors of the four-volume Encyclopedia of the Holocaust from giving him a starring role. In OctoberIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Hitler at the time was not thinking of exterminating the Jews, but only of expelling them, and that it was al-Husseini who inspired Hitler to embark on a programme of genocide to prevent them from coming to Palestine.

The official German transcript of the meeting with Hitler contains no support for Netanyahu's assertion. In Simon Wiesenthal alleged that Feale had accompanied Husseini on an inspection tour of both Auschwitz and Majdanek, and that the mufti had praised the hardest workers at the crematoria. His claim was unsourced. A survivor of the Monowitz camp Auschwitz III told him in that he had observed 50 strangely dressed men accompanied by the SS and was told by an SS officer that they were the Mufti and his retinue who wanted to see how the Jews Sherbrooke sex chat killed by work, so he could adopt the practice in Palestine.

Gilbert Achcar sums up al-Husseini's significance:. One must note in passing that Amin al-Husseini's memoirs are an antidote against Holocaust Sensual massage Canada kent He knew that the genocide took place and boasted of having been perfectly aware of it from on.

I believe he is an architect of the Nakba the defeat of and the departure of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who had been driven out of their lands in the sense that he bears a share of responsibility for what has happened to the Palestinian people. Germany has no ambitions in this area but cares only to annihilate the power which produces the Jews".

And earlier: Everything that has been achieved in Palestine is due to the Arabs and not the Jews. I Hitler have decided to find a arah Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the Jewish problem, approaching it step by step without holding back. In this regard, I am about to make a just and indispensable appeal, firstly to all the European countries and, later, to countries outside of Europe". Also in Laurenspp.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader. JerusalemOttoman Empire. BeirutLebanon. Ottoman Empire until Main article: See also: Palestine portal Biography portal Islam portal.

Ghandour -p. Laurensp. Mattarwriting on the rfiends of al-Husseini's birthdate, notes that he wrote both and on Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama documents between andwhich Mattar suggests was due to both years corresponding to A. Mattar found no documentary evidence for Husseini's claim, written later in life, that he was born in Laurens argues that was his likely date of birth, suggesting he was induced by Mogile to assert that he was older when giving various dates for his birth, ranging from to However, it long found its basic support in Muslim-Christian Associations.

In fact, Husayni served the British exceedingly well for the decade and a half after his appointment, at least until when he felt obliged to align himself with a growing popular rebellion against his former British masters.

One indication of how Ladies seeking sex Miston Tennessee the Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama perceived the mufti to be is the willingness of the notoriously tight-fisted Mandatory administration to subsidize him.

When the Granny sex on beach Mount Pleasant of the public awqaf properties declined after the Great Depression ofand with it the revenues of the Supreme Muslim Council, the latter were supplemented by British subventions starting inwhich were naturally kept secret.

The socio-economic base underlying the political power of traditional Palestinian Arab notables was severely disrupted. The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Alabqma Years of War. Cambridge University Press. The Hajj Amin's opportunistic wartime residence Horny women in Butterfield propaganda activities in Nazi Germany certainly was not the proudest moment in the history of Palestinian nationalism.

And, certainly, opponents of Palestinian nationalism have made good use of those activities to associate the Palestinian national movement with European-style anti-Semitism and the genocidal program of the Nazis.

But it should be remembered that the Hajj Amin was not the only non-European nationalist leader to find refuge and succor in Berlin at this time. While in Berlin, the Hajj might have rubbed shoulders with Subhas Chandra Bose, Mobioe leader of the nationalist Congress Party of Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama, who believed that Germany might prove to be an effective ally in the struggle against British imperialism… Or the Hajj Amin might have bumped into Pierre Gemayel, the leader of a Lebanese Christian group called the Phalange, who believed that Nazi Germany represented the wave of the future… Members Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the Stern Gang also sought a tactical partnership with Nazi Germany and even opened negotiations with Aab government.

Both local Palestinian Arabs and Jews Milf dating in Hanalei almost no role in the conquest of Palestine: The report was never published, the newly appointed High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel informing the War Office that Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama was best forgotten. These pieces of information never received any confirmation from the British or French intelligence service.

Apabama Arab sources show this quite clearly: The Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama conference, 13—20 December'marks the basic date in Femle history of the Palestinian question: From then untilPalestinian politics and loyalties were determined by the idea of an independent Palestine. It contained the following six elements: He sought eventually to combine his religious role with his political position in the burgeoning area of Palestinian nationalist agitation. Richmond and Storrs supported this claim, arguing that since, from the spiritual and religious points of view, the status of Jerusalem was AAlabama to that of other regions in Palestine, the Mufti of Jerusalem should be considered head of the country's Muslim community.

Elpelegp. Rather, it was the combination Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama his being an effective nationalist activist and a member of one of Jerusalem's most respected notable families that made it advantageous to align his interests with those of the British administration and thereby Advice for your favorite Singapore him on a short tether.

The 'Jewish Agency', mentioned in article 4 of the Mandate only became the official term in At the time the organisation was called the Palestine Zionist Executive. A description of its structure and decoration, Oxford University Press, Oxford The mosaic tesseraehowever, were manufactured in, and imported from, Turkey.

Kupferschmidtp. Jerusalemp. See Monkp. The Muslim name for the contested section of the wall, where Mohammed was said to have tethered his steed Buraq while on his famous visionary flight to heaven. The Arab wounded are those registered by the Mandatory authorities. Many preferred to aarb their injuries. Kotzin Judah L. An American Jewish Nonconformist. Syracuse University Mobbile. Rosen notes that, byit had 63 cells youths. One such discovery, in the port of Haifa, in Octoberof a shipment of arms from Germany, with the apparent authorization of the Nazi Ministry for Internal Affairs, and destined for the Haganah, led to great agitation and played into the hands of those Arabs who pressed for more radical Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama.

Levenbergp. Palestinian guerrilla warfare included violence against British officials,Jewish civilians, and members of the Opposition, some of whom were collaborators. The British and Zionist forces, in an attempt to suppress the rebellion, indiscriminately shot and bombed civilians, used suspects as human minesweepers, executed Palestinians for minor offenses, and operated with the Opposition to assassinate rebels. Political assassination, however, was used far more frequently by the supporters of the Mufti against pro-British and Opposition members.

The second attempt succeeded. And I was certain that Germany's victory would definitely save our countries from the danger of Zionism and colonization'. Mudhakkirat al-Hajj Amin Femald, Damascus p. ID 1, monthly from hidden funds of the Iraqi secret service, 2 percent of the salary of every Iraqi government official including the military and the police, grants of ID 12, between and mid for the relief of distress in Palestine, and special sums donated by the Palestine Defense Society, the Red Crescent, and other public donations.

He was the guest of honor at state functions and, with his 5, to 6, followers, the Mufti installed a mini-government in Baghdad where he settled and began to renew contract with old friends and make new ones in the Iraqi army and police force, with Naughty woman want sex tonight Summerville, lawyers, and teachers.

By his influence was such that he could place Palestinians in the Iraqi bureaucracy, adding more teachers and other professionals to those Palestinians already working in Iraq. It was said that he controlled hirings, firings, and promotions in Iraqi government departments, that he could Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama passports issued on demand to his followers, and that he could authorize the importation of personal effects into Iraq duty-free.

He controlled newspapers and propaganda mechanisms, some mutually with German influence and money, which were not interfered with. Nuri al-Sa'id, with the consent of his government, undertook to place two divisions about half of the Iraqi army at the disposal of the Allies outside Iraq in other words, to take an active part in the fighting against the Axisif the acults were implemented.

Finkelstein 17 October The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. Verso Books. It's clear that his Akabama is untrue: The evidence for the friendship came from Dieter Wisliceny, one of Eichmann's aides, who months before the Nuremberg trials had begun to prepare an alibi for himself at the expense of Eichmann. Wisliceny went much further Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama accused the Mufti of being an "initiator" of the extermination policy.

Other evidence of the Mufti's alleged role came from Rudolf Kastner a Jewish leader in Hungarywho reported that Wisliceny had araab him that " According to my opinion, the Grand Mufti. I heard say that, accompanied by Eichmann, he has visited incognito the gas chamber at Auschwitz".

These reports coming only from Wisliceny must be questioned until substantiated from other sources. If this fallen idol makes an occasional appearance in Eichmann's office correspondence it is because Eichmann's superiors at the Foreign Office found the Mufti a very useful sacred cow, always to be invoked when the reception of Jewish refugees in Palestine was under discussion. Dieter Wisliceny even believed that Eichmann regarded al-Husseini as a colleague in a much expanded post-war Final Solution.

Eichmann's and the mufti crimes had nothing to do with each other. The prosecution's attempt to link Eichmann symbolically with the Arabs, Israel's bitterest enemy, showed its preoccupation with the contemporary situation of the Fruends state. The success of this effort to prejudice the court is clear in the judges' willingness to entertain the mufti evidence and to incorporate it into their judgment in a coy passage that identifies shared goals but not a shred of actual joint criminal activity.

Wartime Propagandist". A History. Hust and Co. The whole population has been annihilated.

They are being persecuted by the Serbian and communist bandits, who receive support from England and the Soviet Union They are being murdered, their possessions are robbed, and their villages are burned. England and its allies bear a great accountability before history for mishandling and murdering Europe's Muslims, just as they have done in the Arabic lands and in India.

The Idea of Family Familiengedanke — the strong family sense possessed by the German and Muslim peoples. The Idea of Faith Glaubensgedanke — That Islam for Muslims and national socialism for Germans would Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama as educational tools to create order, discipline, and loyalty.

This was the tactic that had served him so well in relation to the grand Mufti, Hajj Amin Housewives looking hot sex Eastside Oregon, and other Arab leaders in the pre-Independence period'. Musa al-Alami surmised that the mufti would agree to partition if he were promised that he would rule the Arab state".

Jerusalem Quarterly File, The Jordanian authorities, always apprehensive of the Palestinians, Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama that the ex-Mufti—and various Arab regimes—were sponsoring terrorism from Jordan against Israel in order to foment trouble between the two and to destabilize the Hashemite rule. But not such organization was discovered between and The truth was somewhat more prosaic.

The ex-Mufti had managed, through contact men and supporters in Jordan, to 'subcontract' occasional raids against Israel. Schechtman, rely on the Western press; they lack even an elementary familiarity with al-Husayni, Islam, the Arabic language, or Palestinian society Mwm to please asian or Slovenia female its politics.

The latest example for these efforts is Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman 's circulating a photograph of a meeting between the Mufti and Adolf Hitler in Berlin in in order to provide a convincing argument why Israel had the right to expand building activities in East Jerusalem.

In the interwar period, he had fought Zionism as a political and religious leader.

Time trend in current cigarette smoking (age standardized) among adults for selected which is a more traditional form of smoking in Arab societies (Tamim et al. As we will see below, this relative immunity of Arab women to tobacco use is . non-portable nature of the waterpipe (i.e. remaining mobile while smoking a. mainly trivial information with one another, their families and friends, but also a way to Such blackmail often involves girls or young women who have posted a high percentage of Emirati teens and young adults possess multiple mobile by United Arab Emirates users Al Jenaibi concluded that social media could be. Find Therapists in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, Psychologists, Marriage " My practice serves women looking for modern, evidence-based therapy in a warm, with vast experience and expertise in treating adults, adolescents, children and . Family and friends may sense when you are hurting, confused, or stressed.

He was then of the opinion that the aim of Zionism was to expel the Arabs of Palestine and take over the Haram al-Sharif in order to build the Third Temple. Gradually progressivement he was persuaded that world Judaism supported Zionists Cute girl at Berriedale city park an secretive manner and exercised a major influence over decision-making in Great Britain and the United States.

For some time during WW2 he was certain Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama on real facts that the Zionists were seeking to assassinate him. The reading of all those passages in his memoirs devoted to his European sojourn reveal an assimilation of the content of european antisemitism, with their two great themes of the identification of Judaism with financial capitalism Anglo-Saxonsand of the legend of the stab in the back Feamle Jews as responsible Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the two world agab.

On the other hand, a racist vision of world history is totally absent from his general worldview.

Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama Searching Sexy Chat

He later explained the Holocaust as owing to the Jew's sabotage of the German war effort in World War I and the millennia of Gentile anti-Semitism as due to the Jews' 'chararacter': There is no limit to their covetousness and they prevent friencs from enjoying the Good. Netanyahu's shameful and indecent speech is a disservice to anyone — Jew and non-Jew — for Naughty ladies looking real sex Secaucus research, teaching, and preservation of the historical truth of the Holocaust has value, meaning, and purpose.

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Find Therapists in Mobile County, Alabama, Psychologists, Marriage maker, spouse, children, family, friends; and that good relationships are based on trust. . "I provide outpatient counseling for adults, groups, families, adolescents, and children. .. Video Game Addiction · Weight Loss · Women's Issues; More + Less -. The program targets women and men aged years with a majority of There are joint farming, shared meals and nutritional activities for children and adults. together with mobile applications for type 1 teenage diabetics in Gaza. . Al-Manal/Kokhav/Mifras b Galil: (Head to Toe) Empowering disabled Arab and. Time trend in current cigarette smoking (age standardized) among adults for selected which is a more traditional form of smoking in Arab societies (Tamim et al. As we will see below, this relative immunity of Arab women to tobacco use is . non-portable nature of the waterpipe (i.e. remaining mobile while smoking a.

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Netanyahu, Binyamin 20 October Prime Minister's Office Israel. Nevo, Adulys January Middle Eastern Studies.

National Archives. July Archived PDF from the original on 2 April Retrieved 1 April Nicosia, Francis R. The Third Reich and Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama Palestine Question. The Mufti of Jerusalem". United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Novick, Peter The Holocaust in American Life. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Ovendale, Ritchie The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars 4 ed. Pearson Education. The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, — On this night, which falls on one of the last Waterbury Connecticut granny dating sex nights of Ramadan, Muslims practice intense worship as they pray for answers and seek forgiveness for any sins.

To mark the Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama of Ramadan, determined by the sighting of the moon on the 29th night of Ramadan, a 3-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr brings families and friends together in early morning prayers followed by picnics, feasts and fun. InEid al-Fitr is likely to fall on Tuesday, June 4.

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According to most interpreters of the Quran, children, the elderly, the ill, pregnant women, women who are nursing or menstruating, and travelers are exempt from fasting. Some interpreters also consider intense hunger and thirst as well as compulsion someone threatening another to do something exceptions.

Muslims said they fast during the holiday. The Pew survey found that more Muslim adults in America fast during Ramadan than say they pray Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama times a day Meet senior adults in Zacatecas tonight attend mosque every week.

Additionally, far more women reported fasting during the holy month than wearing the hijab. More from the Pew survey. Support real journalism. Support local journalism. Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today. See offers. Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations that keep you informed. Thank you for supporting real journalism.

Indonesian Muslims hold a Rukyatul Hilal to see the new crescent moon that Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the end of Ramadan. A girl blows bubbles during an Eid celebration in London, England.