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If you or your friends will love dressing up like Jupiter or Venus, or maybe as a Roman slave or a gladiator, then a toga themed party will be quite fun. We don’t about you, but reliving Ancient Roman traditions, especially their great feast, is definitely something to look forward to.


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Ideas & Games For Adult Toga Parties


Wine Tasting

If you’re going for an elegant toga party, then wine and taste is a critical ingredient which makes this activity just perfect!

You can choose to hold a straight wine tasting activity or have a wine and cheese tasting or a wine and chocolate tasting instead. We don’t pretend to be experts on this, but we did find a very comprehensive article that should give you more ideas.

Game of Gods

This is actually a trivia game about Roman Gods, which can be your typical pen or pencil trivia game or if you want to make it more exciting, make it into a memory game instead.

To play the memory version, you will need a number of boxes, wherein each can contain a description of one of the Roman gods. The idea here is for your guests to know who that God is and remember which box corresponds to which God(desses).

Number the boxes so as to make game implementation easier. Want to make it more challenging? Be sure to include the same God(dess) more than once. Introducing your guests randomly to each box should also make it more interesting.

The player with the most perfect memory in remembering which box corresponds to which God(dess) will win some cool prize.

The Great Grape Race

You will need tubs of cream and lots of grapes for this game.

Your guests need to find the grapes from their tub of cream using their mouth and eat each grape as they find it. The person who was able to find and finish off all the grapes in the shortest time possible will win a prize.

Dress Up Race

This is a relay race and like all typical relay races, the idea is to have each member of the group take turns into doing something, until all the group members have successfully performed the assigned task. And if you happen to be having a toga birthday party, then we suggest writing Happy Birthday or other birthday greetings one letter at a time to be a good relay task.

But since this is a toga party at the same time,  we suggest adding a dress up twist- each member of the group will need to put on a toga costume (or something similar), before they go out and perform the given task.

The group who completed their task the fastest definitely deserves one heck of a prize.

Drinking Contest

This is a variation of the popular game Musical Chairs. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two goblets full of wine (or ale if you want the tamer version) will get passed around.

Once the music stops, whoever has the goblets need to guzzle them down. The person who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, new wine goblets are made available, the music starts, and the passing of the goblets, starts all over again.

Best in Costume

Ask everybody to do a turn or two and model their chosen attire. The (wo)man of the hour gets to judge the best in costume.


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