Asian Theme Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re looking for an elegant, creative and fun theme, an Asian party theme is definitely worth looking at.  What’s not to like about this theme,  you can have great Chinese and/or Japanese dishes and enjoy some creative and fun activities in the process!


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Party Activities

Asian Theme Birthday Party Ideas Printable Games


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Asian Theme Birthday Party Ideas & Games


Chinese Calligraphy

Choose some Chinese words that best describe the birthday celebrant. Here’s a site wherein you can search for an English word and get the actual Chinese character equivalent. Be sure to prepare lots of characters since you want your guests to have lots of choices.  Do not forget to include the English translation of each word since you will want your guests to understand what they’re writing.

Ask your guests to copy their character of choice.  Since they are going to use brush and ink instead of pen, we’re pretty sure that this will be an interesting experience for them!

After they finished,  have each of your guests explain why they think that that is the best word to describe the celebrant. Asking each to cite an event or two which showcase how fitting that word is will make this activity extra special.

No winners, but lots of fun and learning in the process. Not to mention a good memory lane activity too.

Bargain Hunt

Chinese people are known for their thriftiness and ability to find a good bargain, and that’s basically what this game is all about.

Ask the birthday boy or girl for his/her wish list.  This game will be more exciting if the list of things to be hunted for is more general (new jacket) rather than a very specific item (Lord of the Rings DVD).  Set a budget for each item on the list.

This is best played by teams.  Ask each team to take a photograph of their find and the price and the shop where said item was found. Set a time limit and ask everybody to be back by that time.

To pick the winner, ask the celebrant to choose which among say the jacket photos does he prefer. The group with the most number of photos picked will be the winning group.

Tip: When playing this game, you might want to prepare some maps of the area, especially if some of the guests are not from around the place.

Maki Making

This will be a great activity if you have a maki-making expert you can invite and if most of the attendees do not know how to make their own sushi rolls.

We suggest that you make a video of the actual how to instructions before the party. In this manner, you can just play the video when the time comes and have your expert assist your guests when they need assistance.


There’s no better time than now to bring out your mahjong table and tiles.  We don’t know about you, but this is definitely a good activity to have everybody’s hands busy while chatting with friends about the latest gossip and different events on each other’s lives. 

Since you might have a big party, you can choose to pair off some of the players or make this a multiple level games, wherein you start with many sets of 4 until the final set is reached and a winner is declared.  Of course,  if some of the guests are not inclined to play, then be sure to prepare some other activity for them that can run parallel with your mahjong game.

Chopstick Race

You can choose whether to use peanuts, peas, cherries, grapes or all of the above.  Place everything in a container. The number of containers and items (you need exactly the same items on each container) depends on how many groups you will have for this game.

The members of each group should be in something like an assembly line. The first person will have the container with the different goodies inside beside him/her, while the last person will have a blank container. The idea is to pass each item to each person using their chopsticks, until all the goodies are transferred to the last person’s empty container. The group who was able to do this with the least mistakes and the shortest time will win the game!


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