Rock and Roll Teen Birthday Party

Teens nowadays might have a different definition of what Rock and Roll is, but we don’t see any reason why that should stop you from reminiscing those Rock and Roll periods that our parents enjoyed, especially the highlights of that special era.

If another music genre is preferred altogether, our different party ideas can be easily customized for other-themed music parties.


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Party Activities


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Rock and Roll Teen Birthday Party Games


Singing Ala Rock Star

What’s the point of having this party without having some fun karaoke times with your mates.  Having karaoke right at your home is not a difficult feat nowadays, what with those home karaoke kits available at your nearest Best Buy. Just make sure you won’t be disturbing a lot of your neighbors since you don’t want to get some tomatoes thrown at you and your friends.

We won’t discuss the how-tos of having a fun karaoke time, since we bet you will know this better. But if you happen to be having this party for someone’s birthday, then be sure to consult him/her since his/her song preference counts.

Music Vids

If you and your friends think you’re creative enough to make your own music video, then bring out your video camera and start it rolling!

Firstly, choose a music video that you want to imitate. If you happen to have some original songs that is just begging for a music vid, then this is a great opportunity to do one with your friends. But whether you go one way or the other, we bet that this will be a great addition to your rock star party.

If you want to add some pizzazz to this activity, you can divide your friends into groups and have each group submit their masterpiece. The winning group will be picked by the teen of the hour.

(Henna) Tattoo

Nope, we’re not about to advise you to go out and have some real tattoos made. Aside from the fact that they’re not quite painless to get, we don’t think having a party is a good reason to get one.

As the activity’s title implies, this is about getting one of those cool henna tattoos. We think this is a cool addition to any rock star party because it makes you feel like a tattooed rock star, minus the pain and inconvenience of a real tattoo.

To make sure that most of your friends will be willing to get a tattoo, we highly recommend asking a henna artist to come join you on your party. We don’t know about you, but if we will have to put up with something that will last for weeks, we would rather have something decent-looking that we can show to our family and friends, and we bet your mates will feel exactly the same.

Name That Tune/Video

If you think that those previous activities were fun but it’s time to settle for something that will require less exertion, then a name that tune/video game is something you can consider.

To make this game extra challenging, you can make the tune quite short and sweet, and pick something right in the part where the song is difficult to recognize. If you’re going for the video version, you can choose to remove the music and just have everybody guess the song title based on the video clip you’ve chosen.

We will leave it to you whether to make this an individual or group game, but either way, the person/group with the most number of correct song title guesses get to claim a prize or two. Want to take this game to the next level? Ask the players to sing a portion of the song instead of just shouting the title, for them to claim complete points.


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