1st Shrek Party Ideas

There’s something endearing about Shrek, maybe it’s the ears, or we just love his green color, but if you feel the same way and think a birthday party with Shrek and friends will be a cool 1st birthday theme, then go ahead and read through the rest of our ideas, since we have tons of it.


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1st Shrek Party Games


Happy Birthday In A Box

The good thing about throwing a Shrek party is that there are lots of characters to play with. From the main ones (Shrek, Fiona, Donkey) to others like Cinderella or Snow White who just made a peep or two on one of the movies. Keep them in mind since you will need them for this game.

This is actually a memory game, wherein a letter from the phrase “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s name> is placed inside a box. Depending on how difficult you want this game to be, feel free to duplicate some of the letters to make this game extra challenging.

Each of the players should be given a short time to peek inside each box, which happens to be associated to one of the Shrek characters. Give each player sufficient time to look inside the box and to write down their answers. The kid with the most number of correct Shrek character-Happy Birthday letter association definitely deserves a cool prize.

Mud Art

The name of the game says it all. This is a game where you will ask your kid-parent tandem to exert their creative juices and produce something that they feel will be appreciated by the birthday girl or boy. But since real mud might be too dirty, we think using brown clays will be a good alternative.

Since your kid of the hour might not be able to express his/her preference yet, you as parents can be worthy proxies in picking which art will be best loved by your lil one.

Pin Baby On Donkey

This is the Shrek rendition of the popular game Pin The Tail on the Donkey, but on this version, the goal of the players will need to pin a picture of your birthday girl/boy on top of Donkey.

Similar to the original game, the players must be blindfolded when they attempt this feat.

The player who was able to pin the picture nearest to the target will win a cool prize.


This is a customized version of the popular game Musical Chairs. However, instead of chairs, what will happen is that two bottles of a green drink (we will leave it to you if it’s your typical lemonade inside a green bottle or a green drink that you have concocted).

When the music stops, the people who have the green drinks will need to finish their drink fast. The slower player will be out the game, new bottles will be made available and the passing of bottles will start all over again.

Since this is for a birthday party, playing some birthday songs or other favorites of your lil one is definitely in order.

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