1st Under The Sea Party Ideas

If you want something colorful and fun, then you might want to consider an Under The Sea 1st birthday theme. Though blue will dominate your party, with all those colorful fishes and corals, plus the many elements that comes with the sea, not being fun will be the least of your problem when it comes to your sea party!


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1st Sea Party Games


Happy Birthday In A Clam

This is actually a memory game, customized to fit your Under The Sea birthday party. You will need plastic clams, the number depending on how many items will you be hiding inside.

Each clam will contain a letter from the phrase “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s name>. If you want this game to be extra-challenging, feel free to double some of the letters.

Each of the players should be given a short time to peek inside each clam and to write down their answers. The kid with the most number of correct clam-Happy Birthday letter association definitely deserves a cool prize.

Tip: Numbering each clam should make this game easier to play.

Under The Sea Race

No worries, we won’t expect your kiddie guests to do some under the sea swimming. In fact, they can pretty well do this race without being near any body of water at all. However, we do recommend that they play this game with their mom or dad, since this is a perfect game involving a parent-child tandem.

The race we’re referring here is on piecing the pieces of your under the sea jigsaw puzzles together. The first group who finished their puzzles correctly will win this race.

Sand Game

This theme calls for a sand-related game and if you are not allergic to the idea of being a wee bit messy, then be sure to read the rest of this game’s mechanics.

Each of the player will be given a pail of sand, which will hide some “goodies”. The goodies here are just shells (or some other sea items) that will have a corresponding letter. The goal of each player is to find ALL these goodies and arrange them accordingly – it should say “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s Name>”. The player who finishes first will win some cool goodies.

Counting Fishes

You need a jar which contains fish-shaped candies or chocolates. We’ll leave it to you on how full you want it to be, since this game will be ok either way.

The idea here is for your guests to guess how many fishes are there inside by just looking at the jar. The kiddie who was able to make the nearest guess definitely deserves to bring home that jar of fish chocolates!

Fishing Expedition

You will need a number of phrases related to the celebrant and birthdays in general. An example that comes to mind includes “I Just Turned One”, “My Name is <Celebrant’s Name>”, “I Love My Mommy and Daddy”, and so on.

The letters that compose said phrases should be placed in a tub of some sort, mixed together with other red herring items to add more challenge. Each of the letter should have a hook of some sort, since the idea behind this game is for the player to fish each letter out within the shortest amount of time, and complete the given phrases. To add extra challenge, they need to choose the letters they will fish properly since the order of the letters they fished will matter - an incomplete phrase will only be counted if the missing letters/words are found in the tail, rather than the head . For example, I Just Turned is valid while the incomplete phrase Turned One is not. Also, only one incomplete phrase will be counted per player.

The player with the most number of points (just count each letter as 1 point, and consider the missing letter rule above) will be the winner. If there’s a tie, you can always award both winners, or you can just repeat the whole game to break the tie if they’re up for another round.


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