Mardi Gras Party Ideas

If your birthday falls somewhere between mid February and early March, then you might want to celebrate your big day by throwing a Mardi Gras celebration! Enjoy the different practices which comes with it, starting with its different colors(purple, green and gold),  and of course its different traditions.


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Party Decoration

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Party Activities

Mardi Gras Party Printable Games


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Mardi Gras Party Games


Juggling King

Challenge your friends’ juggling prowess and celebrate this wonderful Mardi Gras tradition by having a juggling competition. If this party is for someone's birthday, we suggest that you add the longest happy birthday twist to this activity (each of the juggler need to say Happy Birthday, <Celeb’s name> while juggling), with the one best in juggling their balls and saying the longest happy birthday winning some cool prize.

Dress up, dudes and dudettes

Dressing up ala someone else is one of the different traditions of Mardi Gras and if and your friends are up to it, we don’t see any reason why that tradition will be broken on this particular celebration.

We will leave the specific dress up theme to the teen of the hour, who will also be the main judge of which dude and dudette will be crowned the best in costumes.

Dress Up Birthday Cake

This is another “dress up” game, but instead of the challenge of finding the right costume that will make you noteworthy, this is all about dressing up some plain cake to make it the perfect birthday cake for the birthday girl/boy.

The number of plain cake will depend on how many groups you will have. As already mentioned above, the idea here is to dress up each cake accordingly. You can leave the dress up theme to each group or give them additional guideline - they need to decorate it according to how they see the celebrant.

You can choose to prepare the ingredients that they can use for their cake decoration or give them a budget, set a time limit and ask them to purchase everything instead. Either way, this is a good activity candidate, and with its dress up theme, a perfect addition to your Mardi Gras celebration!

King Cake Relay

This will play like a typical relay, wherein each player from each group will need to accomplish a particular task within the shortest time, and once it’s accomplished, it will be the next player’s turn to do the same thing and so on, until all the players had their turn.

The task at hand is related to a popular Mardi Gras tradition, which is for each player to eat a king cake within the shortest amount of time. We will leave it to you whether to make your own king cake (without the plastic baby since you don’t want anybody choking in the midst of your party) or just purchase some from a nearby store. Either way, the group who was able to gobble their king cakes the fastest, definitely deserve more king cakes for take away purposes.


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