Wine Themed Ideas For Adult Parties

Whether your friend is celebrating his/her century mark or having his 30th birthday, drinking to his health with a good wine or two is definitely in order.

Want a classy and tasteful party? This party theme is all about elegance and class and should be considered properly.


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Party Activities

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Wine-Themed Activity Ideas For Adult Parties


Best Birthday Toast

As the title suggest, this game aims to find the group who's able to create the best birthday toast within 15-30 minutes. The (wo)man of the hour gets to pick the best birthday toast yet.

Wine Tasting

You can choose to hold a straight wine tasting activity or have wine and cheese tasting or wine and chocolate tasting instead. We won’t pretend to be experts on this, but we did find a very comprehensive article that should give you more ideas.


You will need a ball and some plastic cocktail glasses as your pins. The idea of the game is still like the typical bowling, players need to knock the pins down. You can use the bowling scoring system or make things simpler and just set a limit on how many turns should each player has and count the total number of pins each guest was able to knock down.

The more number of pins knocked down, the better chances of winning. If you need to break a tie or two, just repeat the whole process, with fewer turns this time.

Taste Test

You need to prepare lots of drinks for this activity, and each concoction should have a bit to tons of alcohol in it. You also need tons of glasses, which should contain a wee bit of each drink.

The goal of each guest is to identify what kind of drink it is. To make it more challenging still, you can "serve" the same drink more than once. That should weed out the lucky guessers and leave you with your drink connoisseur.

The Best Margarita

Before anything else, pick some taste testers among your guests. You can leave the judging on who made the best margarita to them. The (wo)man of the hour should also be one of the judges, of course.

Each group is given a budget so as to buy their ingredients to make their best margarita. Be sure to prepare blenders and margarita glasses for their use.

The group who got the most thumbs up from the testers wins the Best Margarita Makers title and a prize.


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