Hollywood Party Ideas For Teens

If your teen is crazy about all types of movies, movie stars, or just adore anything related to Hollywood in general, then you might want to bring out your red carpet and bling blings and throw her a cool Hollywood birthday party!


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Party Activities

Hollywood Party Printable Games


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Hollywood Party Games For Teens



This is another activity that will require your guests’ creativity. You also need to prepare tons of magazines and photos of the celebrant.

Since this activity can involve making the celebrant looking funny, be sure to check it out with your teen if she’s ok with this before you include this activity. The idea is for your guests to make use of the available photo of the celebrant and whatever photos there are in the magazine and mesh them together.

The winning masterpiece will be picked by the teen of the hour. And the great thing about this activity? The output product will also make a nice memento of this wonderful and memorable birthday celebration.

Who’s Who?

This is a great game to test whether her friends know her favorite actors. What you need to prepare are some photos related to her favorite Hollywood stars. You will need to crop each so as to show just a body part (eg. Ear), and from there, your guests will need to pin down who that actor is.

The group/player who had the most number of correct answers will win an autograph or gift from your birthday girl!

Makeup 101

This is a good addition to your Hollywood party, especially if you think a lot of your guests are not experts on this area. Invite an expert friend or your favorite makeup artist to teach your group of teens a thing or two about makeup. You can even extend this to Fashionable Hair 101 if you’re up to it. But either way, be sure to take a lot of photos, which will serve as perfect mementos for your teen and her friends.

Paper Fashionista

If you want to challenge your guests’ creative juices, then be sure to add this in your game repertoire.

Fashion and Hollywood goes together, so we’re pitching this in. You will need tons of newspaper and duct tape for this game. The idea here is for each group to create a dress out of newspaper. Once their masterpiece is finished, a member of each group must model their creation. The host or birthday girl, if this is for a birthday party, will be the esteemed judge of who’s the better model and whose is the real masterpiece.

As always, be sure to take lot of photos!!


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