1st Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty is one popular kitty, and there are lots of items created with her in mind. From the typical Hello Kitty key chains to a Hello Kitty toaster, fans of this cute cat are really all over the place, which is not really surprising why she’s popular in the party arena as well.

So if you love Hello Kitty and you’re looking for a 1st birthday theme for your little girl, you might want to check the rest of our cute and fun party ideas.


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1st Hello Kitty Party Games


Hula Game

Give your guests some back to back challenge by asking them to do some hula hooping and the longest happy birthday challenge at the same time.

No idea what the longest happy birthday challenge is all about? The idea is to drag the phrase Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s Name>, with the one who can drag it out longer having the key advantage.

If you think those two feats are too tough, then how about just asking each player to sing the Happy Birthday song while doing the hula?

Whether you go one way or the other, the player who can stick it out longer will be the winner. And to make it a perfect game for a Hello Kitty party, make sure you get a pink and/or white hula hoop. Just decorate it with some Hello Kitty stickers and they’ll make this game fitting for any Hello Kitty party.

Playing With Ribbons

We don’t know if you’re familiar with this game, but we played this when we were young, and we think this is a great Hello Kitty party game candidate.

You need some ribbons for this game, the length will greatly depend on how many players you will have per group. Each group should also nominate on who will be their leader.

The idea is to form a circle, wherein each member of the group will be tied to the person to their left and right with a pink or white ribbon. When given the go signal, each group will aim to do lots of crisscrossing around such that their final pose will be far from the original circular form.

Each leader will have two tasks – design the strategy on how his/her group will do the ribbon looping when it’s their turn to become the puzzle, and will also be the person in charge to rearrange the other group to get them  back to their original circle form when it’s the group’s turn to solve the puzzle. Of course, the leader must not see how the other group did their twisting around, to make this feat extra challenging.

The group with the leader who was able to form the group back to its circle form within the shortest time will win the game.

Got Milk?

This is actually the Hello Kitty version of the popular game Musical Chairs. Instead of chairs, what will happen is that two bottles of milk will get passed around, one in clockwise fashion, while the other is in counterclockwise.

Once the music stops (make sure you have some birthday song or her other favorites playing in the background), the players who have the milk will need to finish the content fast. The slower player will be out of the game, new milks are made available and the passing of milk starts all over again, until you’re down to your final two player, wherein the faster drinker will finally be the declared winner.

Hello Kitty Race

This is a game that will require the joint effort of a parent and child tandem. The race we’re referring here is on piecing the pieces of your Hello Kitty jigsaw puzzles together. The fastest group in piecing things together will be your winning group.

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