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How to use our Halloween party ideas adults:

The great thing about these Halloween themed bingo cards is that although they were designed with Halloween in mind, they are more on the side of cute Halloween party ideas rather than the gory and scary version. So if this fits your idea of a nice Halloween party, then consider properly if you want to add this game on your party's activities.

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Game Mechanics:

Bats, skull, haunted house, bloody numbers, etc. These are just some of the elements that appear on our Halloween themed bingo cards, and although these are different from traditional bingo cards, our Halloween-themed bingo still followed the idea of the original game, wherein the B/first column will contain numbers from 1-15, I/2nd column will contain numbers from 16-30 and so on.

But there's really no rule that says you need to play this using the original game's rules, since we think adding some level factors will make this game more interesting. What we're saying here is that if you have multiple level games, on Level 1, the requirement is that similar to the original game, winners are those who were able to cross out numbers diagonally. Winners of the first round will then move to Level 2, wherein they will be required to cross out numbers such that all crossed out numbers will make an X on their card. And for the last level, the winner will be the one who was able to cross out numbers found at the outermost square of his/her card.

If the idea of multiple levels tickled your fancy, you don't need to be limited with the different level rules we cited above, since those are just ideas, which you can customize if you can think of something that will suit your event better. You can even just play it following traditional bingo game rules, since you know your guests better, and you are a better judge on what will suit them best. Whether you play it one way or the other, we think this is a fun game for any Halloween party!


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