Looking for Halloween Party Games For Adults? Check out our Halloween Themed Bingo, a perfect addition to any Halloween Party

Looking for a Halloween party games for adults? How about a Halloween themed Bingo? If that tickled your fancy, then do we have good news for you, since on this page, we have prepared some Halloween-themed bingo cards, and as usual, they're FREE and are just a few clicks away.

Our Halloween themed bingo cards were designed to be played like traditional bingo. Its difference with traditional bingo cards is on its design (which we hope is obvious), which was done as such to make it fit right in with your other Halloween preparations.

Another thing is that this was not explicitly designed as a Halloween themed birthday game, but if the celebrant is celebrating his/her birthday around the Halloween season, then we don't see a problem why you cannot play Halloween themed bingo as well. But if you prefer another game altogether, check out other ideas for possible Halloween party games for adults.


You can download our Halloween party games for adults card by right-clicking on the image, and choosing Save Picture As. Save image to C:\Images or your preferred image folder.


Halloween Party Games For Adults Cards

Halloween Bingo Card 1 & 2

Halloween Bingo Card 3 & 4

Halloween Bingo Card 5 & 6

Halloween Bingo Card 7 & 8


Halloween Party Bingo Word List








Game Mechanics:

This game will play like your typical bingo game, because even though the BINGO columns does not appear on these cards, that is the only difference, since all the other aspects of bingo were considered when we designed said cards. But to make sure you will be prepared when you host this party activity, you might want to Google How to Play Bingo before the day of your party.

Each of the Halloween themed bingo card were designed to look perfect for any Halloween party, since each comes with bloody numbers and Halloween-related images. You can choose to play it the way Bingo is usually played, but we think adding some levels will make your typical bingo game more interesting. No idea what we're talking about? We say play it such that on the first level, players need only cross out numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally for them to cry bingo, and then winners can proceed to level 2, wherein they need to cross out numbers such that all crossed out numbers will make an X on their bingo cards. And for them to be declared the absolute winner and pass level 3, they need to cross out all the numbers found on the outermost square of their bingo cards.

If that tickled your fancy, then we say play it with said twist, since that will definitely add the right pizzazz to this particular Halloween party games for adults.


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