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Teens love anything about fashion so we think combining these two elements together will give you a hit birthday party! So if you love the idea of a fashion party, then scroll down below to get a tip or two on how to throw a FUNtastic fashion party!


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Girl Teen Party Games


Makeup 101

This is a good addition to your fashion party, especially if you think a lot of your guests are not experts on this area. Invite an expert friend or your favorite makeup artist to teach your group of teens a thing or two about makeup. You can even extend this to Fashionable Hair 101 if you’re up to it. But either way, be sure to take a lot of photos, which will serve as perfect mementos for you and your friends.

Fashion Scavenger Hunt

The idea here is to hunt for different clothes that represent a particular time, era or culture. If this is for a birthday party, then be sure to consider something related to the teen of the hour (age, birth year, culture preference) when you choose your fashion hunt theme.

When they find the right clothes, one member of the group must “model” the clothes and have his/her picture taken with the owner of the clothes.

You can choose to set a limit of at most one set of clothes per household, which means that even if a house has tons of the right outfits, the group can only choose one set to model and photograph. We will also leave it to you if you will allow more than one group to model clothes from the same household.

Set a time limit and ask the group to model and photograph as much clothes as possible within the said time. The group who was able to bring back the most number of valid photos will win this hunt. If you are up to giving more prizes, then be sure to award the group’s best model or the one with the best attire. The host or the birthday celebrant can help in the judging.

Dress Race

Dressing fast is definitely a requirement during a fashion show so we’re pitching this in.

You need two (or more, depends on how many groups will be formed) sets of dress, shoes and different accessories for this game. This race will play like a typical relay race, so this means that each player will be given her turn to do a given task(s) before the next person will have hers.

The task here is to dress up, walk ala model in your catwalk and turn over said dress and accessories to the next player. The group who could do things right in the shortest amount of time will be your winning group.

Paper Fashionista

If you want to challenge your guests’ creative juices, then be sure to add this in your game repertoire.

You will need tons of newspaper and duct tape for this game. The idea here is for each group to create a dress out of newspaper. Once their masterpiece is finished, a member of each group must model their creation. The host or birthday girl, if this is for a birthday party, will be the esteemed judge of who’s the better model and whose is the real masterpiece.

Don't forget to take lot of photos!!

Look For Less

Don’t be surprised if this sounds familiar because if you’ve been watching The Look For Less from the Style Network, then you will know what this next game is all about.

For those not quite familiar with the show, the idea here is to have a look (this can be from a fashion show or magazine chosen by the host or birthday girl before the party) that you want to imitate. The idea is to find a similar dress at the lowest cost within the allotted time.

Since you don’t want to blow your party budget by buying these dresses, we suggest that your guests limit their search in a single store, so a one-stop shop store is better than specialty stores. Similar to the previous game idea, somebody needs to model their finds. The host or birthday girl will be the esteemed judge on whether the look was indeed copied properly. The group who got the look right and with the cheapest cost will be your look for less winners.

Tip: Since you cannot have your one group following the other group and copying their finds, we suggest that you do this game one group at a time.


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