Jungle First Birthday Party Ideas

.The tricky thing about first birthday parties is that most of your guests will be adults and you definitely want them entertained, but that doesn't mean you can ignore your younger guests as well.

Explore the cute side of jungle parties by throwing a jungle first birthday party. Here you will meet cute lions, zebras, elephants and a lot more. You will be amaze how you can enjoy the wild side of things in a very tame yet still fun way!


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Party Decoration

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Party Activities

First Birthday Party Printable Games


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Jungle First Birthday Party Games


Wild Jigsaw Puzzle Race

This will be a fun race, with each mom/dad-child tandem working diligently on putting their jigsaw puzzles together. If you have chosen a challenging puzzle, we suggest that you group more than one pair of mom/dad-child tandem so that things can still be finished within your allotted time.

When they finish piecing things together, the kid(s) in the group should go to the birthday girl/boy and sing him/her a happy birthday.

The team who was able to finish their goal the fastest (and correctly at that), will win a wild prize.


(1) If you want to make this a purely kid activity, just get jigsaw puzzles with less pieces and leave the fun of putting things together to your kiddies.
(2) Since this is a jungle party game, be sure to choose jigsaw puzzles with jungle or safari theme (eg. Madagascar).

Elephant Ride

This is the wild version of the popular game Pin The Tail On The Donkey, customized for jungle first birthday parties.

You need a picture of an elephant and of the birthday girl/boy. Like the original game, the players will be blindfolded and each much try their best to place the picture of your kid of the hour on top of the elephant. The player who was able to pin his/her picture nearest to the right spot definitely deserves some candies and a prize.

Animal Face Paint

You can hire a face painter (or ask a friend with artistic abilities) to paint the faces of your kid guests according to their preferred jungle animal. Another approach is to turn this into a fun and wild game instead, and make this another mom/dad-kid tandem game. Either way, this will be a fun and fitting activity for your first birthday jungle party! If you are going for the latter, then the parents of your birthday girl/boy will be the esteemed judges on who gets the best face paint award.

Looking for animal face paint designs? There are lots of them from the Internet and they are just a few google away. No time to search around? Then you might want to look at this face painting site for design ideas.

Pass The Lion

You will need two lion stuff toys for this game (or another jungle animal of your choice). While your birthday music is playing, your guests will need to pass around the stuff toys.

When the music stops, whoever has the lions will need to answer a trivia question about the birthday girl/boy or fulfill a challenge of your choice. The player with the wrong answer or the one who failed to win the challenge will be out of the game and the passing of the lion will resume again.


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