Farm Animals First Birthday Ideas

.The tricky thing about first birthday parties is that most of your guests will be adults and you definitely want them entertained, but that doesn't mean you can ignore your younger guests as well.

Throw a farm animals first birthday party that will be a great hit with both kiddies and adults alike. You can find tons of first birthday ideas perfect for farm animal party on this page.


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Party Activities


First Birthday Ideas Printable Games


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Farm Animals First Birthday Games


Got Milk?

This is a variation of the popular game Musical Chairs. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two (glasses) milk will get passed around.

Once the music stops, whoever has the milk will need to guzzle them down. The kid who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, new milk are made available, the music starts, and the passing of milk starts all over again.

Egg Mosaic

This is a great activity that will challenge the creative juices of your mother/father-kid tandem. You will need tons of dyed eggs for this activity.

The goal is to "draw" the birthday boy/girl's favorite farm animal using eggshells. The group who produced the best egg mosaic (birthday girl/boy or the parents can help in the judging) definitely deserves a great prize.

Balloon Popping

This will be an active game with the mom/dad-child tandem working together to achieve the goal, which is to pop all balloons assigned to them.

The balloons are on one side of the room, while the parent are on the other side. The goal of each kid is to bring a balloon to their parent one at a time, until all the balloons are popped.

The team who showed the most ability in popping balloons in the shortest time possible will be declared your balloon popping champions.

Since this is a farm animal party, you must get balloons with cow prints instead of just getting ordinary-looking ones. If you're up to it, you can just get white balloons and decorate them accordingly. That should also do the trick.

Egg Toss

This can be played with adults or you can choose to make it a plain kiddie activity. Either way, this game is fun to play, not to mention very fitting to your chosen theme.

You can choose to make this a one-way egg toss game, wherein the kid does all the tossing while their adult counterpart does all the catching. However, we do think that the two-way game is more fun, with both parties getting their chance to do tossing and catching.

For those not familiar with this game, the idea is for the partners to be 2 feet apart when they attempt to play catch, and they will do a one-step back for every successful round. This will happen until you can finally single out the best egg catchers among the bunch.


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