Care Bear First Birthday Idea

.The tricky thing about first birthday parties is that most of your guests will be adults and you definitely want them entertained, but that doesn't mean you can ignore your younger guests as well.

There’s something about the Care Bears which make them adorable and quite unforgettable, so if you happen to have the same sentiment and your daughter is celebrating her first birthday, then look no further, since this might just be the party theme you want.


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Party Activities


First Birthday Idea Printable Games


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Care Bear First Birthday Idea For Party Games


Rainbow Balloon Race

You will need tons of balloons for this game, wherein the color of a group’s balloon represents a favorite Care Bear’s color. The number of colors will depend on how many groups you will have for this game.

This will be an active game with the mom/dad-child tandem working together to achieve the goal, which is to pop all the balloons assigned to them.

The balloons are on one side of the room, while the parents are on the other side. The goal of each kid is to bring a balloon to their parent one at a time, until all the balloons are popped.

The team who showed the most ability in popping balloons in the shortest time possible will be declared your balloon popping champions.

Draw Me A Bear

Colorful.  That is what a Care Bear party is all about and this activity will definitely be a colorful one.

Since drawing with just pen and paper can be a wee bit boring, we think that asking your guests to draw a bear using melted crayons is the better way to go. 

You will need some crayons and candle, the number depends on how many groups you will have. The idea is to "draw" a Care Bear  by melting a crayon, catch those melted crayon droppings using the given paper, and blowing the melted colors in the right direction before the crayon becomes solid again. Repeat the whole process until the right drawing is achieved.

To make this a perfectly safe and fun activity, we suggest that heating the crayons should be left to the parents and just leave the blowing to the kids.

The parents of the birthday celebrant get to choose the winning piece.

Happy Birthday In A Box

Keep in mind the different symbols that correspond to your favorite Care Bear characters since you will need them on this game.

This is actually a memory game, wherein a letter from the phrase “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s name> is placed inside the box. Depending on how difficult you want this game to be, feel free to duplicate some of the letters to make this game extra challenging.

Each of the players should be given a short time to peek inside each box, which happens to be associated to a particular Care Bear symbol. Give each player sufficient time to look inside the box and to write down their answers. The kid with the most number of correct Care Bear symbol-Happy Birthday letter association definitely deserves a cool prize.


This is another balloon-related activity, albeit way less active than the previous one. Similar to the previous activity, balloons here should reflect the color of the different Care Bear characters.

The idea behind this activity is to ask each of your young guests to make a special wish for the birthday celebrant. Wishes can be as simple as wishing she will grow to be a beautiful girl or something complex like achieving her ambition in life. Each of their wishes will be written in a piece of paper, and tied to a balloon after it was read, which will be received by you on behalf of your child.

After all the wishes had been read, you can choose to keep the balloons with the wishes, or better yet, have all the well-wishers (and other guests who prefer to join you) accompany you as you let those balloons go and fly high in the sky. We think that’s a cool conclusion to this activity so we say go for it!


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