Dora Party Ideas

Our little girl absolutely love Dora, so if your baby adores Dora, Boots, or even Swiper The Fox, then you must consider throwing a Dora-themed 1st birthday party for your lil one. Be sure to read through our different ideas on how to throw a cool Dora-themed birthday party that will entertain both your young and not so young guests alike.


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Party Activities


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Dora Party Game Ideas


Backpack, Backpack

If you’re a fan of Dora, you will know that her special backpack plays a big role on the show. For this particular game, you will need a number backpacks, wherein each will contain a special letter of the alphabet. The number depends on how difficult you want this game to be.

This is actually a memory game, customized for a Dora party. Each backpack will contain a letter from the phrase “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s name>. The goal of each player is that within the time they will be given to peek inside each backpack, they need to be able to remember which backpack corresponds to which letter. If you want this game to be extra-challenging, feel free to double some of the letters.

The kid with the most number of correct backpack-Happy Birthday letter association definitely deserves a cool prize.

Tip: Numbering each backpack should make this game easier to play.

Juego Español

A Spanish game is a great addition to any Dora party, so here goes.

Since this is a birthday party, we think that words associated to birthdays in general (eg. party, gift, games, etc) or something that one can associate to the birthday girl (eg. age, hair color, etc) should be used.

And since not everybody is as diligent in learning Spanish as Dora is, we think that providing clues like how many words and the number of letters of each word will make this game more kid-friendly. Or better yet, make this a parent-kid game and have the parent(s) join the fun as well.

Banana Game

This is actually a modified version of the popular game Musical Chairs, customized for a Dora birthday party.

Similar to the original game, the participants should form a circle when playing this game. Unlike the original game, instead of chairs, what will happen is that two bananas will get passed around while the birthday song is playing – one in clockwise fashion, the other in the opposite direction.

Once the music stops, whoever has the banana should finish them fast. The person who finishes last is out of the game, new bananas are made available and the passing of Dora and Boots’ favorite fruit starts all over again.

Map, Map, Map

Map is another cute character from the popular show Dora The Explorer so we think a Dora party won’t be complete without him in the picture.

This is actually a treasure hunt, Dora The Explorer style. First, you need to divide your players into groups, wherein each group is represented by one of the popular Dora characters.

The goal of each group is to complete the phrase “Happy Birthday” or something similar, by finding their group’s letter, which is basically a letter printed with their Dora character (the number of sets you will have depends on the number of groups/Dora characters you have). These letters are hidden along areas like Noisy River, Quiet Forest, Tall Mountain (see our decoration ideas for reference), which of course your players will be able to find with the help of Map.

The group who was able to complete your chosen phrase within the allotted time will win the game. If time is up and everybody have yet to complete the chosen phrase, you can award the prize to the group who is nearest to completing it.


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