FUN Dora Coloring Pages

Our little girl absolutely love Dora, so if your little one adores Dora, Boots, or even Swiper The Fox, then you must consider throwing a Dora-themed 1st birthday party for your lil one. And on this page, you can find Dora party activity that you can add on your lil one's birthday party!

You can check out the different instructions on how to use our Dora coloring pages.



Dora Coloring Pages


Princess Dora
Dora and Boots



How to use our Dora coloring pages:

You have two ways to enjoy our FREE coloring pages:

You can download only the coloring pages that appeal to you. You can download our image one at a time by right-clicking  on the image, and choosing Save Picture As. Save image to C:\Images or your preferred download folder.

Or if you prefer to do so, you can download a PDF file containing all these free printables by right clicking here and choosing Save Target/File As. Take note that you will need an Adobe reader or your preferred PDF reader if you're opting for this option. No PDF Reader? You can download it from this site.

Why add a Dora coloring party activity?

Although it's more typical to introduce party activities that requires your kiddies to run, jump, and be active, a good sit down activity in between these active games is something you can consider, since who says a less active activity can't be entertaining as well?

And this is where these free printables will come in. Adding a coloring activity on your (first) birthday party activities would provide a beneficial side effect: the discovery of artistic talent and expression, and tactile and manual dexterity through the application of color on plain illustrations. But what's more, it's also educational and it is undertaken in the spirit of fun. And since there are tons of coloring pages on our site that comes with your favorite character or picture, you can easily prepare an activity that will be perfect for your chosen theme!

What you will need:

On this page and our other coloring sheets pages, you will find our assortment of free downloadable and free printable party activities. To enjoy our free coloring activities, all you need are the following:

  • a Computer Printer (preferably color laser printer or color inkjet printer) to print our free content

  • Crayons, Color Pencils, Color Markers or Color Highlighters

  • Color Pastels or Water Colors (for older children)

Feel free to print as many copies as you want since your kid guests might want to have more than one copy. And although we're pitching this as a party activity, keep in mind that you don't need to throw a party to use our FREE coloring pages.


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