Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Yeehaaaaaaa! If the birthday celebrant love country music or you just want to enjoy a nice barbecue with friends, a western party is a good theme candidate.


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Party Decoration

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Birthday Party Menu

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Party Activities

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas Printable Games


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Cowboy Birthday Party Games


Game of Chance

This is a modified version of the card game 41. On this modified version, the goal is to reach a number nearest to the birthday celebrant’s magic number (his/her date of birth, age, etc).

Not familiar with the original 41 game? Click here for more details.      

Drinking Contest

This is a variation of the popular game musical chairs. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two beer bottles or ale will get passed around.

Once the music stops, whoever has the beer bottles/ale need to guzzle them down. The person who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, new bottles/ales are made available, the music starts, and the passing of the bottles/ales, starts all over again.

If you are throwing a birthday party, then be sure to single out music related to having a birthday or just some top picks of the (wo)man of the hour.

Singing Ala Country

If you adore country music, then you will enjoy this activity. You can even sing your favorite country song in the process!

Having a western birthday party? No worries, this is still a good activity candidate. You can either just limit the songs to the (wo)man of the hour’s country favorites or ask your guests to pick a song that they think is perfect for the birthday girl/boy. We don’t know about you, but we find the latter idea more attractive than the former, but whether you pick one or the other, we bet this will be one of your party’s most enjoyable activity.

Pin the Hat On The Cowboy

This will play like the popular game Pin The Tail On The Donkey, western style.

Like the original game, you need a photo of the birthday girl/boy and the idea is to be able to pin the cowboy hat on his/her head. Similar to the original game, the person who was able to pin the hat nearest to the right spot wins the game.


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