Circus Theme 1st Birthday Ideas

Circus, circus!!! Come one, come all. If you’re looking for a fun and colorful party theme that will work perfectly whether you lil one is a boy or a girl, then a circus theme might be something you want to consider. And the cool thing about this theme? It can be quite fun for both your young and not so young guests, which makes it a perfect 1st birthday party theme!


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Party Activities


Circus Theme Printable Games


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Circus Theme Party Game Ideas


Juggle, Juggle

What is a circus party without some jugglers to exhibit their talent?  We will leave to you the number of balls that you will require your jugglers to juggle, which will depend on how tough you want this exercise to be. But to make this game more interesting, not to mention a fitting tribute for your birthday boy or girl, we think that requiring the juggler to do this feat while doing a longest happy birthday challenge (basically, they just need to say happy birthday, <celebrant’s name> and drag it out as long as they can) is worth exploring.

The juggler who can best juggle both challenges will be declared Juggler of the Day and will juggle home some cool prizes!

Jump High

There are two ways to play this game – one is to retrieve some banners/flags that spells “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s Name>”; the other way is to challenge everybody to jump high and place the flags/banners so they can arrange everything and have it spell “Happy Birthday, <Celebrant’s Name>”.

Either way, you will need a trampoline and some adventurous kids who knows how to spell. You can play this by group or individual, but whether you do one way or the other, the kid/group who was able to complete the task correctly and in the shortest amount of time will have a reason to jump high, since they will win some amazing gifts.

Want to make this the perfect 1st birthday game? Make it a kid-parent tandem, wherein the parent-kid who was able to work harmoniously will win the game.

Animal Face Paint

Circus and animals goes hand in hand, so an animal-related activity is a MUST on a circus party!

You can hire a face painter (or ask a friend with artistic abilities) to paint the faces of your kid guests according to their preferred jungle animal. Another approach is to turn this into a fun and wild game instead, and make this another mom/dad-kid tandem game. Either way, this will be a fun and fitting activity for your circus-themed first birthday! If you are going for the latter, then the parents of your birthday girl/boy will be the esteemed judges on who gets the best face paint award.

Looking for animal face paint designs? There are lots of them from the Internet and they are just a few google away. No time to search around? Then you might want to look at this face painting site for design ideas.

Feed The Tiger

This is another opportunity to see who among your kid-parent tandem can work well together to win awesome prizes.

Of the pair, one will act as the tiger, and needs to catch and finish the food which comes its way, while the other need to make sure his/her tiger can eat the food s/he’s throwing.

We will leave the final decision of what kind of snacks will serve as your tiger’s food, but we think peanuts is a worthy candidate.

Depending on how challenging you want the game to be, you can increase the distance between the trainer and his/her tiger. The pair with the least mistakes and the most number of eaten peanuts (be sure to check the tiger’s mouth) will be the winning pair!

Elephant Ride

No worries, we won’t require you to get your hands of a real elephant, a picture of one is sufficient.

This is actually the circus rendition of the popular game, Pin the Tail On The Donkey. On this version, you also need a picture of the birthday girl or boy, wherein each player will try to pin that picture at the back of the elephant (as if s/he is riding the elephant).

Similar to the original game, the player needs to be blindfolded when s/he attempts this feat. The player who was able to pin the picture of the birthday celebrant nearest to the target, deserves a splendid prize.


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