Blues Clues Party Ideas

If your lil one adores Steve and Blue, then you might want to throw a Blue’s Clues birthday party! If you decided on this theme, we bet your kiddies will have tons of fun finding those three clues and figuring it out Blue's puzzle!


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Party Activities


Blues Clues Party Printable Games


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Blues Clues Party Game Ideas


Blue's Clues

We love Blue’s Clues and we think a birthday game with Blue helping each player out with his clues will be a great start to your Blue’s Clues party.

Each letter cut-out that spells Happy Birthday, <celebrant’s name> (you should have multiple set, the number depends on how many groups you will have) are scattered and hidden around your party room. And with the help of Blue’s Clues, your kiddies must locate as much as they could within the given time limit.

The clues here should be written in paw-shaped paper/cards, and will give your little players some clue on where they can locate the happy birthday letters. The group who was able to use their clues efficiently will win some great blue prize!

Bring Me Blue

This will play like the typical Bring Me game, but since this is for a Blue’s Clues party, everything that will be requested will have something in common – all of them will come in the color blue. We will leave what these items will be to you, but we have prepared the list below, which you can customize to better suit your needs:

  • Hanky

  • Clip

  • Socks

  • Headband

  • Shirt

  • Pen

  • Bag

  • Cell phone

  • Shoe

  • Shoe laces

Musical Thinking Chairs

This will play like the typical Musical Chairs game, but unlike the original game, this rendition will have two of Blue’s thinking red chairs included in the circle.

As with the original game, the players will circle around the chairs while the (birthday) music is playing, and each player must grab a chair when the music is off. The players who will get one of the red chairs will be given an additional challenge, which is to answer a trivia question related to the birthday girl or boy. We will leave it to you whether this will be in the form of a multiple choice or not.

Of the two players in the red thinking chairs, the player who was first in answering the question correctly will stay in the game, while the other will be out. A non-thinking chair will be taken out, until finally, the chairs are down to the two red chairs, wherein the winner will be the player who was able to answer the last trivia question correctly.

Blue's Clues Puzzle Race

This will be a fun race, with each mom/dad-child tandem working diligently on putting their Blue’s Clues jigsaw puzzles together. If you have chosen a challenging puzzle, we suggest that you group more than one pair of mom/dad-child tandem so that things can still be finished within your allotted time.

When they finish piecing things together, the kid(s) in the group should go to the birthday girl/boy and sing him/her a happy birthday.

The team who was able to finish their goal the fastest (and correctly at that), will win a special Blue prize.

Tip: If you want to make this a purely kid activity, just get jigsaw puzzles with less pieces and leave the fun of putting things together to your kiddies.


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