Moroccan Birthday Theme Ideas

If you want to throw a unique, sensual and an ultimate girl party, then a Moroccan one just might be what you want. Whether you want to learn belly dancing, enjoy Mediterranean food, or just learn a new card game (Moroccan style), we suggest you look at this theme.


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Party Activities


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Moroccan Birthday Theme Ideas & Games


Belly Dancing

Whether you are an experienced belly dancer or learning this dance for the first time, this can be a fun activity on your Moroccan party! Since the right attire is critical for this particular exercise, we suggest that you ask your guests to rent their own costumes, so everybody will wear something that they are comfortable with and fitting for a belly dancing session.

As for your instructor, you could either hire somebody, commission a friend to teach your group on how to do belly dancing, or buy instructional videos (make sure that you practice before the big day), and just lead your group on wiggling your bellies. Fun, sensual, a perfect Moroccan activity!

Henna Body Painting

Since henna paint last for quite some time, we suggest that you hire a professional body painter, or at least commission an artist friend or somebody who could almost pass as a professional, to do the painting. This will really encourage your guests to participate on this activity. You can choose to ask the (wo)man of the hour to pick the design for each of your guests or just leave it to your guests themselves.

All people who participated on this activity are big winners, since they had a free body painting experience in the process, plus the henna will stay with them for quite some time. For us that’s worth a dozen of game prizes!

Playing Ronda

Ronda is a popular Moroccan card game which uses Latin-suit cards (you can get baraja cards from It’s a game between two teams, wherein each team has 2 players. Since you might have more than 4 guests in your party, what you can do is to have simultaneous games going, with each winning group playing against another winning team. This will go on until you have your winning duo.

Click here for more details on how to play this game (under Fishing Games - Ronda).


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