Birthday Party Planning Checklist


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3-4 Weeks Before

□  Create a guest list. Get details like phone number, email addresses, and mailing addresses.
□  Set a date and time
□  Set a budget for your party
□  Decide the theme, where it will be held and party entertainments. Make reservations.
□  Make or purchase invitations. Mail invitations
□  Plan the details of the party, from decorations, menu, activities, suppliers, cake, etc. Reserve suppliers.

2 Weeks Before

□  Order tables and chairs, if needed.
□  Work on decorations, either by buying or creating them.
□  Start shopping for paper plates, cups, and other eating utensils.
□  Start shopping for game materials and prizes.
□  Purchase and wrap party favors.
□  Create the party timeline of activities, which should include all tasks
before the party (eg. Pick up balloons) and the actual program activities.
□  Ask somebody (one of the guests, maybe?) to help you out with some of the tasks (eg. Taking pictures).

1 Week Before

□  Confirm reservations.
□  Confirm with suppliers regarding ordered items (balloons, cake)
□  Call guests that haven’t RSVP’d. Finalize guest list.
□  If you delegated some tasks to other people, now’s the time to confirm that they’re still up to it.
□  Prepare all printables needed for the party program (name tag, papers for games/activities, etc)
□  Select party music.
□  Start cleaning the house, if party will be held there.
□  Shop for food ingredients and drinks.

1-2 Days Before

□  Notify your neighbors that you're having a party.
□  Do some last minute shopping.
□  Decorate the place where the party will be held.
□  Setup tables and chairs for the party.
□  Prepare all food and drinks, if you’re doing it yourself.
□  Make sure that cameras are working properly.
□  Do more tidying up inside and outside the house.
□  Double-check your party timeline and update it if needed.
□  Make sure that you have all the materials for the party.
□  Confirm that all tasks to be done before the day of the party are all done.
□  Rest. You have a busy day tomorrow.

The Big Day

□  Do all the things you need to before the party begins, as is stated in your party day timeline.
□  Pickup all the items you ordered and set them up.
□  Finish all last minute decorations.
□  Setup game prizes and party favors in a table.
□  Setup food and drinks in the table. Make sure you have a lot of ice!
□  As each guest arrives, make sure that she knows somebody, or introduce her to others.
□  Don’t forget about taking pictures!
□  Go get some of those drinks, talk to the guests and enjoy yourself!


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