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Our theme-based birthday party games and activities are available at our Adult Party Themes page. Just click the theme of your choice, to get those theme-based games and activities we promised you!

However, If you want a party with theme-based activities and the like, but still prefer to have traditional party games, no worries, since we have traditional party games right here!

We suggest that you take up the challenge of customizing each of these games to suit your chosen theme. You'll be surprised what a little creativity and time could lead you to



The basic idea is for somebody to act out certain words and phrase, while the rest of the group will do the guessing.

The cool thing about this game is that it is easy to customize to fit your chosen party theme. Just limit your words/phrase to say a certain area that is associated to your theme, and voila, you have a theme-based party game right there!

Memory Game

You can choose to make this all about remembering words or remember objects, depending on how you plan to customize it.

For those not familiar with this game, this will test each of the players' ability to remember things. You can choose to just run through different birthday-related words and ask your guests to write down what they can remember after you finish your recital. Another way is to have 20 boxes with different objects per box, and ask your guests to remember which item corresponds to which box. Either way, this will be a fun activity, which is just perfect for adult parties.

Musical Chairs

The idea here is to have certain number of chairs forming a circle, with one less chair than your number of players.

While the music is playing, each player will go around the chair in a circular fashion and once the music stops, each player must grab a chair or else s/he is out.

Want to customize this game to your chosen theme? You can do this via the music you will play during the game or by using other objects to pass around instead of chairs.


This is another popular party game, which is a hit to both kids and adults. The basic idea is to guess the specific word based on one member of the team's drawings.

You can choose to play the traditional pictionary game with the whole shebang (board and all), but playing with just the basic idea in mind is also ok. A pictionary game is also cool in the sense that you can limit the words to be guessed at only to those related to your party theme, making it an instant theme-based party game.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

This is a very versatile game and is perfect if you are up to customizing it to fit your chosen theme.

The basic idea is this - each player gets his/her chance to pin the tail on the donkey, and s/he is blindfolded when s/he attempts this feat.The person who was able to pin the tail nearest to the target will be the winner.

To customize, you can choose a picture related to your chosen theme. This can be a cowboy and a hat if you're having a western party, a picture of a princess and a crown if you're having a princess one, and the like.






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