Check out these birthday party food ideas, which showcase your theme in every bite

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Dress Up Birthday Party Food

Anything that you can serve with wine - cheese, tapas, crackers with cool spread, mushrooms, pasta, herbed lamb or chicken, are good candidates for your dress up party menu. Anything that appears in a Venetian party menu – Caesar salad, focaccia sandwiches, ravioli, chicken marsala, are also worthy candidates.

Any dishes wherein the essence of the food is masked or wrapped – siomai, burritos, tacos, and empanadas are just a few samples, are great additions.

A dress up party is also one of the few times wherein playing with your food is good. You can dress up/decorate your food – use different colors, add more designs, use different presentation, etc. What can we say, this will be an interesting food preparation experience, not to mention a unique eating experience.

As for your cake, serving the dressed up cake from one of your party activities is very appropriate. But if you want to have a different cake altogether, one that looks like something else (mask, shoe, car) will also work.

You can choose to serve colorful punch – blue, violet and pink seem like good candidates. Or you can rev up your favorite drink (eg. Iced tea to raspberry iced tea, plain coffee to gourmet coffee), and they will be fitting additions to your dress up food repertoire.


Farm Animals Birthday Party Food

If you're having a farm animals party, then food will be the least of your problem, since you can serve anything from burger to fried chicken and all that will work well with your party theme.

Since fresh is in when it comes to this theme, serving "fresh" salads is quite fitting. Dishes which are mainly composed of dairy products are also very welcome. Hence, kiddie favorites like pizza (with its tons of cheese and beef), cheese sticks, and egg tarts are a MUST. You can even serve these to your adults guests since we bet they miss eating stuff like these and they will greatly appreciate the experience again.

For your dessert, you can serve some egg cake or egg pie. If you want the fresh variety, fresh fruits for dessert will also be fine.

And lastly, we think that some milk shake or fresh milk to wash everything down will be quite fitting. But since you cannot just live on egg and milk alone, serving not so farm-like beverages and food in addition to your theme-based menu will not be a problem, so be sure to add your favorites in your farm animal party food repertoire.


Fashion Birthday Party Food

If you don’t have a lot of budget for food, then this means going for small snacks rather than big meals.

Since you need to eat like a model either way, this means that you need to prepare tons of carrot and celery sticks, granola bars, yoghurt, and fresh fruits like melon and pineapple. If you want something more filling, then a turkey sandwich or an egg-white tomato sandwich are some of your food choices. Make sure your turkey and/or egg-white sandwich is served with multi-grain bread.

If you think you still have some money to spare, then adding some sushi (use low sodium soy sauce) in the picture will definitely increase your guests’ satisfaction. If you think they won’t appreciate sushi so much, then going for the cooked variety (grilled salmon or tuna) should be a good alternative.

Since you are on a diet, you might want to skip serving cake altogether. But if you happen to think that a party will not be complete without a cake, then baking a lower fat lower calorie cake should do the trick. Lots of recipes floating around the net and they’re just a few google away!

Complete your food repertoire by serving protein shake or unsweetened iced tea. If you think your guests will appreciate it, kombucha tea is supposed to be good with metabolism and digestion so your fashion models will love it.

To make clean up easy, prepare lots of paper plates and other disposable eating utensils. Make sure everybody knows where the trash goes to lessen the after party cleanup.



Halloween Birthday Party Food

Do not be surprised if your menu will be dominated by lots of pumpkin dishes, from your appetizers to your Halloween beverages. You could start with some pumpkin soup, and end with some pumpkin pie, with pumpkin juice or some pumpkin punch to wash everything down. If that's too much pumpkin to your taste, don't worry, you'll not be limited to pumpkin dishes if you're throwing a Halloween birthday party.

Another way to approach your Halloween menu is by preparing dishes with the right Halloween color (anything in orange and/or black are definitely welcome). So this means squid ink pasta and orange chicken are definitely in.

Another option is to "decorate" your dishes properly so they will have the necessary Halloween touch. A casserole served in a pumpkin husk will be a great addition to your Halloween party! Cupcakes that look like a mummy or some other "scary" Halloween character will be welcome to your table as well. Those should give you lots of ideas on what to serve on this special and seasonal birthday party.

If you want to go beyond the ideas mentioned above, we found this Halloween party menu that you might want to look at.


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Food

The thing about having a Hello Kitty party? Everything will be pretty, down to the food you will serve to your guests.

Milk and cream-based dishes, and other pink and white dishes are what you want to prepare to satisfy your guests’ appetite. This means you can serve some bread with mayonnaise or cream-based dips. Fettuccine Alfredo or Pasta Carbonara are also good candidates for your main dish, although anything that comes with white wraps (burritos and soft tacos) are also worth considering. If you think your guests will appreciate them, you can go Chinese and serve some siumai and hakaw, or if you prefer to do so, go Japanese and prepare some makis since all that white rice roll make them really worth considering. Those raw tuna and salmon will also add some pinkish color to your food, so we say go for them if you think your guests will love them.

You can also have a sweets station wherein one can get a vanilla and strawberry ice cream, a white or pink cotton candy, mallows with strawberry fountain, or some yogurt, if you want to go healthy.

As we always say, feel free to serve some other kiddie favorites that doesn’t meet the pink and white criteria, since as long as you have enough food that follows your theme, yours will still be a theme-based party even if you decided to pitch in fried chicken, pizza, mac and cheese and other kid-popular fare that doesn’t follow your theme. In fact, you even have the option to serve non-theme based stuff for your main meal and just focus your theme-based efforts on your dessert.

And speaking of dessert, the great thing about pastries is that they are pretty easy to customize to fit your chosen theme. You can choose to have a traditional big cake and just have one made in the shape of Hello Kitty. Another option is to serve some white cake like angel cake, if you will better appreciate it this way. But if you don’t mind veering away from the typical birthday cake, we think that a number of cupcake arranged in a cake stand is something you can consider, which means an assortment of cupcakes with pink and/or white icings. And the great thing if you decided on the latter is that those cupcakes will also make nice takeaways for some of your lucky guests.

Milk shakes are quite fitting for a Hello Kitty party – a vanilla or strawberry one in particular. However, if you want something more refreshing, we are great fans of lemonade because you can serve them in any color and they will still taste great! You can choose to serve it in very light yellow but a pink lemonade, that’s definitely a nice drink for any Hello Kitty party. Of course, if you want to serve soda, you can serve all variety although singling out Sprite, 7up and other “white” drinks is something you can consider.


Hollywood Birthday Party Food

There are really many ways to approach your Hollywood party food, but in a nut shell, they should be healthy, classy and artist-friendly.

First approach is to serve finger food, which can include carrot and celery sticks, cucumber or turkey sandwich, canapés, Vietnamese spring rolls, some cocktail shrimps, crab cakes, smoked meat and fresh fruits in toothpicks.

If your group will require more sustenance, we like the idea of serving Makis and Sushis, but if your group prefer their food cooked, then serving grilled fish (salmon or tuna) or grilled lamb are worth considering.

Another interesting approach to this is to serve cuisine or a favorite food of your teen’s favorite movie star. If she adores Robert Pattinson, he happen to like Italian and junk food, so you might want to add some spaghetti with meatballs and burger w/ fries (he like In-N-Out Burgers in particular) on your food choices. But if she has a favorite fictional movie character instead of a favorite actor,  that should also be fine since you can use the said fictional character’s favorite food instead.

We think serving virgin cocktails will be very fitting so we’re pitching that in. But just to make sure all your guests will be quite happy with their drinks, be sure to serve some diet soda and iced tea or lemonade with less sugar.

And to make clean up easy, prepare lots of paper plates and other disposable eating utensils. Make sure everybody knows where the trash goes to lessen the after party cleanup.


Jungle Birthday Party Food

Fruits and meat dishes will be an integral part of your theme-based party menu. You can start with fruits that are normally consumed by some jungle animals - bananas, apples, peaches, kiwis, berries, just to name a few. Your meat dishes can be composed of popular game meats like turkey, deer, duck, rabbits, etc. You can turn them into fruit or meat kabobs, an appetizer or two, a gourmet sandwich or an entree.

Another approach to your jungle party menu is to give your food some jungle-like names. Wild venison sandwich, tropical fruit salad, fruit safari are just a few examples. But if you want to go beyond these, we found this safari party menu that you might want to look at.

If you are throwing a first birthday party, you might have some picky eaters on your group so be sure to serve all-time kid favorites like fried chicken, pizza, and spaghetti with your other fare. No worries, adding those in your menu will not make your theme-based party less theme-based.

For your dessert, you can just serve fresh fruits or make some cakes wherein fruit(s) and/or chocolate is part of the ingredients. Both will work perfectly with what you have so far.

And lastly, a tropical fruit punch to wash everything down. They are easy to make and will be a refreshing conclusion to your wonderful meal.


Mardi Gras Birthday Party Food

One way to have your Mardi Gras celebration reflected on your chosen meals is to serve dishes that showcase the right colors – purple, green and gold on this case. Green should be pretty easy, especially if you and your mates don’t mind salads and pesto, while gold can easily be any yellowish dish, which means fish and chips (or anything with golden batter), mashed potato, pumpkin and lemonade will be quite welcome.

Another approach is to serve food wherein the “meat” of the dish is masked inside a wrapper. You can go for Chinese and serve some siumai, go Italian with ravioli, or go for some chicken pot pie. Wondering about dessert? Just serve some great and golden apple pie and tempt your guests’ sweet tooth in the process.

Of course, serving Mardi Gras traditional dishes like moon pies is a MUST. And if this happens to be for someone’s birthday, then a king birthday cake sans the plastic baby will fit well with the rest of your preparations.

You can stick to lemonade to wash everything down, but since there are lots of other yellow drink choices – pineapple and mango juice/shake just to name a few, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that fits your color of choice, which on this case, is yellow.


Mexican Birthday Party Food

And this is where we discuss what you should serve in your Fiesta.

In a Mexican party, the food to serve is definitely the least of your problems. You can go for the typical ones - burritos, tacos, chips with guacamole, stuffed chili, etc. You can also serve some churros with thick chocolate to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth. But if you want to go beyond these, we found this Mexican fiesta menu that you might want to look at.

Fruit cake with rum are popular in Mexican fiestas, but if you don't think that's a great idea, how about some Avocado cake? It's not as popular as fruit cakes, but it's definitely interesting enough and is worthy to be added in your Mexican food lineup.

What's a party without some punch? Tequila or Sangria punch are perfect for this particular party theme. Lots of recipes are available in the Internet and they're just a few clicks away.


Monkey Birthday Party Food

If you’re having a monkey party, the presence of monkey favorites in your food repertoire is expected. Their diet is mainly composed of fruits (banana, apple, and oranges) and vegetables (celery and lettuce are just a few examples), so this means salads, fruit kebobs, vegetable soup, and pastries made of said fruits are very welcome. 

But if you prefer to serve some meat dishes, we think serving meals composed of popular game meats like turkey, deer, duck, rabbits is one way to go. Another approach is to give your food jungle-like names like wild venison sandwich and fruit safari, since they will make whatever you’re serving perfect for your chosen theme.

But if you want to go beyond these, we found this safari party menu that you might want to look at.

Since you might have picky eaters on your group, serving all-time kid favorites like fried chicken, pizza, and spaghetti with your other fare will be fine. Be sure to include some banana splits, banana muffins or cupcakes since they will make your kiddies great dessert and will be fitting additions to your monkey party.

For your dessert, you can just serve fresh fruits or make some cakes wherein fruit(s) is a major ingredient. Both will work perfectly with what you have so far.

And lastly, some tropical fruit punch or fresh lemonade to wash everything down. They are easy to make and will be a refreshing conclusion to your wonderful meal.


Moroccan Birthday Party Food

The great thing about having a Moroccan bash is that you will have lots of food choices. Kebabs should definitely be considered, anything of lamb and chicken will be fine. But before you serve any chicken or lamb dishes, you can let your guests enjoy a bunch of almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, and dates as appetizers.

Moroccan dishes usually include either chicken or lamb. But if you’re aiming for the swimming variety, you can serve some fish stew since that is also a popular Moroccan dish, which is usually served with bread.

You can also use some couscous, a one kind of pasta usually used for Moroccan dishes, to serve your favorite pasta dish. Bisteeya, a Moroccan pie will also be a fitting addition to your repertoire. Fruits, especially melon and cherries, will be a healthy dessert option for your guests.

For your cake, since honey is a popular ingredient in Moroccan dishes, you can serve your guests some honey cake and be done with it. Cakes wherein almonds and walnuts play a big role are also good candidates.

Green tea with mint (popularly served hot but the cold version is also cool) is a popular Moroccan drink and should definitely be served on any Moroccan party.


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