Armed with these ideas, your birthday party decorations should be the least of your problem

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Dress Up Birthday Party Decorations

The colors can be influenced by your chosen dress up theme, but in general, use some gold, silver, and violet for the typical fun dress up party, or black and white if you want the more somber version.

Popular dress up elements should surround your party room. Different masks (super heroes, Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc), feather boa, wigs, hats, jewelries and other accessories should be displayed appropriately. 

Pictures of popular figures in the costume department (Santa Claus, super heroes, anime characters, clowns, Ronald McDonald, etc) should decorate your walls.

Though not exactly something that you hang out as decoration, commissioning a friend or two to dress up like a specific person can add a lot to the atmosphere you’re aiming for.

Another element that is not exactly decoration but will add to your ambiance is scent, which you can easily get by having the right flowers and/or scented candles in your party room.

For your centerpiece, sticking a mask (with a handle) in a vase is a good idea. A vase containing ostrich feathers (or other feathers, peacock feathers are also quite cool) or full of daisies or rose will also be a good alternative. Or better yet, combine those ideas and make your centerpiece way cooler.

You can leave your vase alone or you can choose to dress it up a bit. Using ribbons and beads should help you do the trick. If you think there’s nothing like candles to beautify a table, you can also choose to dress up a candle, in the same way that you plan to dress up your vase.

If you like fruits and feel that they are worthy centerpiece candidates, then a couple of dressed up apples – one decorated to “wear” a suit and another one “wearing” a dress will be fantastic. You can even replace apples with cupcakes and it will also work well.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose to have violet and orange balloons or black and white ones. Either will work well with what you have prepared so far.

If you’re throwing a black and white thing, you might also want to check out our wine party decoration ideas.


Farm Animals Birthday Party Decorations

If you can find a good barn or farm to hold your party, then you won't have any problems with your decorations since you can have the right ambiance by just picking the right venue. If you cannot have your party in a barn, then decorating your party room with tons of browns and greens will be the next best thing.

You will also need lots of hays in your party room. Some tractor toys, stuff toys in shapes of cow, horse, pig, or sheep are very welcome. Some chicken stuff toys on top of some nests are really cute and are worth adding.

Decorating your ceiling with cut-outs of different farm tools like rake, shovel, and the like will do a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

If you feel that you still need more wall decorations, we think that movie posters of Babe, Chicken Little and other movie star farm animals are also very fitting.

For your centerpiece, if you still have more farm animal stuff toys, you can place them in a basket and use a ribbon or two to decorate them and to tie them together.

Another great centerpiece idea which will work well with what you have prepared so far is a nest which should come with some egg-shaped candies. If you don't like the nest idea, you can also place those egg-shaped candies in a transparent jar or vase. That should make you a colorful and very pretty centerpiece indeed.

We have always loved edible centerpieces and we think that cupcakes designed to look like a farm animal (one cupcake can have a pig's snout, while another can have a cow print, etc) will be amazing. Just display them on a cake stand of some sort and you have a great centerpiece right there!

For balloons, there are tons of mylar balloons that come in the shape of your favorite farm animal. But if you want simpler balloons, then a white balloon with special cow prints will also do the trick. Or better yet, challenge your creative juices by just getting white balloons and decorating them yourself. We bet you will have tons of fun in your balloon decoration process and that will be priceless!


Fashion Birthday Party Decorations

The room where your party will be held should contain tons of photos  - photos of the birthday girl and her friends in different poses and in all sizes. You can even photoshop a photo or two to look like a fashion magazine cover, since that will elevate your photos to the next level.

Aside from photos, decorating your party room to look like the backstage of a fashion show will definitely be fitting to your chosen theme. This means that a rack or two containing tons of dresses, shoes, accessories, makeup stations, wigs in all colors, and dress dividers are what you want in your party room.

For your centerpiece, you can just place a bunch of fashion magazines as your table decoration. You can also choose to dress up a wine bottle and place some ostrich feathers (or something similar) in it. If you have one of those high-heel transparent containers, then now’s a good time to bring them out. Just place some colorful candies inside and you’re all set. However, if you love the idea of a personalize centerpiece, then a fashion magazine cover that features the birthday girl (Photoshop can do wonders) might just be what you want.

For balloons, just get something in a color which will complement what you have prepared so far and you’re ready to party!



Halloween Birthday Party Decorations

Black and orange are the typical colors for any Halloween party and it will not be any different on your Halloween birthday.

We will leave it you whether to go for gory decorations, but if you prefer a Halloween party without the scary elements, then this means going for cute vampires and witches rather than Mr. Frankenstein.

Pretty-looking pumpkins, cute witch and warlocks on broomsticks, a cauldron, black cat stuff toys in all shapes and sizes, candies, and some cobwebs here and there are perfect for your Halloween decoration. You can even add posters of Casper, Corpse Bride and Addamms Family since they have the right non-gory Halloween touch that you prefer. And lastly, you might even want to add a fog machine to add to the atmosphere you're aiming for.

For your centerpiece, we think that candy corns in margarita glasses are worth considering and so are antique-looking candelabras (something that will not look out of place on a haunted house). We also love the idea of orange flowers in a mummy wine bottle, which is basically your wine bottle covered with white plaster. But if you really want a creative centerpiece, then a pumpkin candle holder might be more to your taste. The idea here is to remove the stem and enough part of the pumpkin so you can sit the candle there securely. Just add some flowers and such to cover imperfections, if any.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose to get some black, orange and/or white balloons to surround your party room. That should complement all the other decorations you have prepared so far.


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Decorations

The dominant colors of your party should be pink and white, with lots of Hello Kitty items all over the place. And the good news is, if you love Hello Kitty, then we won’t be surprised if you have tons of collected items which feature this pretty kitty. If this isn’t the case, no worries, since as mentioned before, Hello Kitty is one popular cat, and there’s tons of pictures around the net, and they’re just a few download away.

But before we discuss your party room decorations, let’s start with how your party entrance will look like. We are great fans of arcs as entrance, balloon arcs in particular. A collection of pink and white balloons should make you a great balloon arc entrance, if you happen to like the idea.

Another cool entrance idea is to have a pink curtain with Hello Kitty designs. We think that a two-piece curtain (similar to those seen in theaters) is a cool idea.

Right by your entrance, be sure to prepare an entrance booth or a table. Upon their arrival, each of your kid guests will be given something related to Hello Kitty, which can be a temporary tattoo or a cat headband. Although this is not exactly part of your decoration, we think it’s a great addition in setting the right Hello Kitty atmosphere.

Now we can proceed to your room decors. You can have posters of Hello Kitty in different looks and poses. As we’ve mentioned before, there are tons of images available around the net, so just take some time to download them. Hello Kitty cut-outs and cat prints can be part of your ceiling decorations, together with pink and white ribbons and streamers, while a pink or white carpet, or one that comes with Hello Kitty designs, can beautify your floor. Pretty Hello Kitty stuff toys strategically placed around your party area is also a good idea.

Your birthday banner should come in pink and white, with Hello Kitty in the picture (we saw a ballerina Hello Kitty banner, and we think it’s so cute!).

As for your guest tables, you can use a combination of pink and white tablecloth to adorn your tables. If you don’t plan to add a table decoration, then we suggest getting tablecloths with the right Hello Kitty prints.

If you plan to add a table decoration, we love floating candles as centerpieces, so if you’re of the same mind, you just need a shallow dish, some water, candles, and pink rose petals, and voila, you have a pretty-looking centerpiece right there. You can also consider using a milk bottle to contain your pink daisies or any pink flowers of your choice. But if you are a great fan of edible centerpieces, you might want to replace those blossoms with pink lollipops, a bowl of pink mallows or M&Ms, pink and white cupcakes in a cake stand, and so on. And the great thing about edible centerpieces? They won’t just be pretty to look at, they will most likely satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

Depending on how big your event is, you might also need to number your guest tables. You can use pink and white flags to indicate the table number. But feel free to use something with Hello Kitty if you prefer something else.

Again, depending on your preference, you might want to add a section with a Hello Kitty backdrop where kids and their parents can have their photo(s) taken. If you have a really big Hello Kitty stuff toy, then you might want to skip the backdrop altogether, and just have each guest give Hello Kitty a hug when they have their pictures taken.

Of course, what’s a party without balloons? Though there are some balloons with the right Hello Kitty decoration, if you feel you have enough Hello Kitty items, a bunch of pink and white balloons can already do great wonders for your party.


Hollywood Birthday Party Decorations

If you’re having your party on your house or a clubhouse, you might want to put some cool decorations that can entice your guests’ attention before they event reach your party room. You can start by creating your own version of the famous Hollywood hills sign right there at your front yard.

Having a great entrance is a MUST so even if you decided not to go for a front yard decoration, be sure to take some time to work on your entrance ala Hollywood style. You have lots of choices – you can have a Now Showing sign which can be a colorful sign made of glossy plastics and papers that says something like <Celebrant’s Name> Birthday Party, or better if you can get your hands on something near the real thing (with blinking LED lights and all), which says the same. Make sure you put this strategically on your party entrance.

Another entrance option is to make a curtain of stars, which can be made of beads with some star designs, or a dark curtain with stars stuck to them. We also saw an entrance made of one giant star (can be made of balloons or plastic/wood), so if you love this idea, be sure to have one made.

If you think your guests will find it cool, you can even have a ticket booth to add to the movie/Hollywood feel. You can dispense golden tickets from said booth, which your guests can use on one of your party activities, which can be as simple as their ticket in claiming their favors or using it as a raffle ticket if you’re giving out some cool prizes.

Now you’re ready to lead your guests in, and what better way to lead them in by having a walk on your red carpet? You can even have a wall of fame, which will make a perfect backdrop for some MUST-Have photo sessions to add to the Hollywood feeling.

Next on the agenda is how to decorate your main party room and we think that movie posters, covers of glossy magazines, photos of the birthday celebrant’s favorite actors and actresses should be all over the place. And since we’re great fans of personalization, we love the idea of you doing some Photoshop magic and making it appear as if your teen is the star of these movie posters/magazines/photos. Or better yet, make it appear that she is BFF with her favorite star and that will be quite cool! You can also fill your ceiling with hanging cutouts in the shape of stars that can come in silver, gold or dark blue colors.

We think that arranging your party room to look like the birthday girl’s favorite movie scene is one approach that you can consider, although if you prefer to decorate the place like a scene behind the camera, with giant clapboards, director’s chair, different video and lighting equipments all over the place, we think that is cool as well and is definitely worth considering.

You can make use of gold, dark blue or silver tablecloths to adorn your guests’ tables. And to provide it with the right decorative touch, we think that a bunch of lollipops shaped like stars , a jar full of Kisses in gold or silver foil or a photo of the celebrant in a clapboard photo frame are worthy centerpiece ideas.

That should give you tons of decorations already, but to top it further, add some dark blue balloons, or balloons with star prints to add to all the other things you have prepared so far.


Jungle Birthday Party Decorations

You should have lots of greens and browns in your party room. Some trees and vines here and there will not be amiss.

Since this is a jungle party, be sure to include some cute stuff toys on those trees. Some monkey stuff toys will be great additions!

If you have posters of Madagascar and other similar movies, this is the perfect time to bring them out since they're needed for your party decoration. Other nature posters will work as well.

For your centerpiece, if you have animal stuff toys, you can place them in a basket and use a ribbon or two to decorate them and to tie them together.

We absolutely love caramel apples as a centerpiece so we’re pitching that in. And to ensure that they fit just right on your jungle party, decorate each apple to have some spots to appear like a cheetah or a leopard or maybe some stripes of a tiger or a zebra. You can even replace the apples with cupcakes displayed in a cake stand of some sort and that will also work neatly with what you have prepared so far.

For balloons, you can either get some animal-shaped balloons or just get some ordinary-shaped ones that comes with special leopard, cheetah, zebra, or tiger prints. Now you’re ready for your wild jungle party!


Mardi Gras Birthday Party Decorations

Purple, green and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras, and whether you’re throwing this for someone else’s birthday or just celebrating Fat Tuesday, these colors should definitely dominate your party room. So if you have carpets, curtains, throw pillows and other stuff that come with these colors, then be sure to bring them out.

You also need tons of the different Mardi Gras elements – masks in all shapes, sizes and colors, feathers, king cake babies in different poses, a number of doubloons, and the like should be hanging from your walls and ceiling. Posters and pictures of popular movie characters who wear a costume of some sort (Superman, Batman, and Joker are just a few examples) should be all over the place. You can even ask some friends to dress up ala these characters and elevate your party to the next level!

For your centerpiece, we think that chocolate coins (ala doubloons) in a transparent decorative jar will make an easy and fitting centerpiece. And so will a Mardi Gras mask or two placed in a stand of some sort. But if you happen to be a fan of edible centerpieces, then cupcakes with purple, green and yellowish-goldish icing will make a colorful and at the same time yummy centerpiece.

Though not exactly something you place out there as decoration, having your guests wear their favorite Mardi Gras costume will add to the atmosphere you want on your party. Encourage your friends to do some juggling and for some to walk in stilts when they feel like it so as to further accentuate your chosen theme.

We believe that a party should have lots of balloons, and if you happen to be of the same mind, then getting assorted balloons in purple, green and gold will be great additions to what you have prepared so far.


Mexican Birthday Party Decorations

Bright colors should surround your party room so be sure to have orange, reds, yellows and lime green all over the place. Prepare some banners and make sure they come in these bright colors and hang them in your room.

If you have sombreros in all shapes, colors and sizes, it's time to bring them out. If you have posters that showcase some Spanish traditions (fiesta, bull fighting, Spanish movies, etc), you definitely want them to decorate your walls.

For your centerpiece, a sombrero full of flowers is a traditional centerpiece idea. A decorated cactus will also make a nice and easy table decoration and so is a scented candle floating in a margarita glass. But if you want a more unique centerpiece to decorate your tables, you can use a pair of maracas instead. You need to find a vase or a stand for it and voila, you have a unique, creative and very theme-based decoration right there.

You will want very colorful balloons in your Mexican party, but if you prefer balloons shaped like a cactus or a giant chili, those will definitely do a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for.


Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

You should have lots of greens, browns and yellows in your party room. Some (banana) trees and vines here and there will not be amiss. Bananas in all shapes and sizes are also welcome.

Since this is a monkey party, be sure to include some cute stuff toys on those trees. Monkey stuff toys will be great additions!

Since monkeys are not really alone in the jungle, you can choose to include other jungle animals like giraffe, elephant and even some lions (cute version) if you so prefer.

If you have posters of Madagascar and other similar movies, this is the perfect time to bring them out since they're needed for your party decoration. Other nature posters will work as well. We also think that cute posters which says something like No Monkey Business or No Monkeying Around will also be cool.

For your centerpiece, we think that a monkey stuff toy tied to an old wine bottle will be a pretty table decoration. We will leave the decision of what flowers to put in your wine bottle, but we think any yellow flowers will be perfect.

We also think that yellow candies in a jar or shallow dish is worth considering as your centerpiece and will also serve as dessert for the kiddies on your party.

For balloons, you can either get some monkey-shaped balloons but if you want the ordinary variety, just make sure you get yellow and brown ones to make them perfect additions to what you have prepared so far. 


Moroccan Birthday Party Decorations

You can choose to have your party in a tent to add authenticity, but if you would rather have this in someone’s party room, then decorating the place with bright colors (orange, red, violet, and gold) and the right fabrics (silks, laces, and velvet) will also do the trick.

If you have carpets that have been collecting dust in your basement, it’s time to bring them out. You should also display any antique-looking stuff you have like exotic lamps, since they will add a lot to the atmosphere you’re aiming for. While you’re at it, bring out those throw-pillows that you have stored in your cabinets since we want many, big and brightly colored pillows on your amazing Moroccan party!

For your centerpiece, an aquarium-like bowl full of water with floating scented candles amidst strewn rose petals will be the best candidate. Some candles in your antique candleholders will also be a very fitting table decoration. But if you happen to love flowers and think that there’s nothing like a bunch of flowers to beautify any table, then you can stick them in any vase that you feel will work nicely with what you have prepared so far.

We always say that any party needs some balloons and that includes your Moroccan party. Anything in orange, violet, red or gold will be cool.

Last but not the least, though not exactly a decoration, we think that the right music can add a lot to your ambiance so there’s nothing like a collection of Moroccan music playing in the background to have everybody in the right mood for your Moroccan party.


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