Adult Tea Party Ideas

Whether you just want to have a cozy afternoon chat with woman of the hour, or an elegant and very adult girl party, then a tea party is definitely good choice.


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Party Activities

Adult Tea Party Printable Games


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Adult Tea Party Games


Tea Connoisseur

You will need to brew different kinds of tea for this activity. Be sure to consult the celebrant for her favorite brews, since you definitely want to include those on this activity.

The goal of this game is for your guests to guess what type of tea were they given. This could be played individually or by group. The group or individuals with the most number of correct answers (you can factor in time in the process…) wins the game!

Tip: To make the tea tasting more challenging, you could “serve” the same tea more than once. That should eliminate all lucky guessers, and isolate the real tea connoisseur.

Cookie Designer

You will need to prepare a lot of cookies for this one. The number really depends on how many groups you will have, and how many cookies you want to undergo the designing stage. You also need to prepare all the necessary icing tools and of course, the icing ingredients.

Before the game begins, whip up the icing of your choice, and let the game start. Each group should be able to icing designs that reminds them of the birthday girl. Set a time limit, and ready, get set, go! The celebrant gets to judge her favorite cookie!

To make this a wee bit more sentimental, you can ask each group/person to share why s/he chose that design regarding the celebrant.

After the activity, let your guests admire and enjoy the same cookies, which will be a great addition to your tea party menu!

Tea Leaf Reading

Whether you are an expert or a novice, including tea leaf reading as one of your party activities will be lots of fun for you and your guests!

You can prepare some light and fun stuff that you want to find out about the celebrant via your tea leaf reading. Or better yet, leave this to your guests since we bet they have lots of cool questions that they want to discover about themselves and the woman of the hour.

We won’t claim to be experts on reading tea leaves, but we found this very instructive site that you can check for details.

Tea Art

This is another artistic challenge, and we know your guests will be up to it! You will need lots of tea leaves (you could just buy a lot of tea bags to have more leaves). You will also need some white card boards or something similar, which will serve as your guests’ canvass, some glue, the plain ones and those which come in colors, and other stuff that you want to appear in the final product. What can we say, we think this will be a very interesting experience indeed!

The challenge is this: your guests need to paint/decorate their “canvass” by using a lot of tea leaves. If your guests cannot imagine what you’re talking about, then tell them that if they want to “paint” an apple, they have the choice of creating an apple out of tea leaves, meaning there will be an apple shape composed of tea leaves right there in their canvass. Another option is to decorate the entire canvass with tea leaves, and leave the apple shape bare. Now isn’t that interesting or what? And did we forget to mention that the topic should be anything related to birthdays in general and of course, the celebrant?

The woman of the hour will be the esteemed judge of the best group of tea artists.


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