Adult Spa Party Ideas

Whether she is celebrating her 30th birthday or reaching her 60th mark, a spa or pamper party is worth considering. There’s no better day to give her this day of relaxation and beauty than during her birthday, so be sure to put this party theme on top of your choices.


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Party Activities

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Adult Spa Party Activities


Hair Treatments

There’s nothing like a nice head massage and hair treatment to start a relaxation regimen. And the cool thing is, there are lots of off-the-shelf hot oil treatments which will make this activity possible even if you’re at home. Don’t worry about the lack of beauty equipments since a medium-sized towel soaked in hot water will help you complete this beautifying process.

Since this should be a relaxing activity, assign some friends or hire somebody to help in doing the treatment, since your guests doing this themselves will defeat the purpose of making this a relaxing activity.

Foot Massage/Spa

You can just reserve a salon where you can have this plus other treatments done, or if you prefer having this event held in someone’s house, then borrow some DIY foot massage kits from some friends since you need them on this activity. Be sure to place those foot massage kits together, since nothing can beat having foot massage and a chat with friends at the same time.

Facial Treatments

There are lots of homemade facial treatments that you can use if you’re throwing a spa party at someone else’s house. Otherwise, you can just avail this service from a nearby salon. Chatting might be a wee more difficult while you are having this treatment, but this is very relaxing and refreshing, and is a good candidate for any pamper repertoire.


Ask your favorite manicurist to come by and treat everyone to some manicure and pedicure. Of course if you’re in a salon, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Again, another good chance to gossip with friends while having this treatment done.

15-Minute Massage

Some hand, foot, neck, or back massage is definitely much welcome to any spa party. Invite your favorite masseuse or two to give the massage.


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