Adult Beach Party Ideas

Any party in the beach is really fun. But if the celebrant loves the sun and sand, then a birthday party along the beach is just perfect!


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Adult Beach Party Ideas Printable Games


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Adult Beach Party Ideas & Games


Frisbee Bowling

What’s an outing in the beach without a Frisbee game? So how about some frisbee bowling?

You will need a frisbee to serve as your ball and some plastic cocktail glasses as your pins. The idea of the game is still like the typical bowling, players need to knock the pins down. You can use the bowling scoring system or make things simpler and just set a limit on how many turns should each player has and count the total number of pins each guest was able to knock down.

The more number of pins knocked down, the better chances of winning. If you need to break a tie or two, just repeat the whole process, with fewer turns this time.

Sand Art

This game is a great activity that will challenge your guests’ creativity.

This is best played in groups. The idea is for your guests to create a sand art that will creatively describe what they think of the birthday girl/boy. The (wo)man of the hour gets to judge the final product.

Sand Pictionary

This game will play like your typical pictionary game, with a stick and the entire beach side as your pen and paper.

Since this is a birthday party, the words to be guessed at should be related to the celebrant, birthdays in general and the like.

Not familiar with pictionary? Check this page out for more details on the rules of the game.

Clues Treasure Hunt

You need a number of treasures to be hunted, and if this party is for somebody’s birthday, be sure to pick treasures significant to the (wo)man of the hour.

This treasure hunt will be quite interesting because clues of what the item is and where they could look for it, will be given to each of the participant.

Start by dividing your guests into groups of at least 5. Ask one representative per group to pick out their color. The color assigned to them will define which of the clues should they locate.

Hidden along the beach are the items that come in each group’s color. Even the clues are color-coded. The clues and items with their color should be the only thing each group will be interested in.

Only the initial clue will be directly provided to each group. The rest they have to locate, so that finally, they could find all the hidden items that comes in their group’s color. The group that could locate the most number of items within the time limit, wins the game. If all groups were able to finish on time, the one who was able to do so within the shortest time, wins the prize.


1. Clues could be description of the item  (eg. Book – His/her favorite past time) or about where it is located (eg. Sand – you can make castles out of it).
2. Each group should be hunting for similar treasures. However, the location of where these treasures are hidden, and the order of how treasures are hunted, could be different between each group.
3. There should be connections between each clue and succeeding clues.
4. The unearthing of hidden treasures should follow the order assigned to the group. If Group 1 found Treasure 3, before they found Treasure 2, when their order states that Treasure 2 should come before Treasure 3, Treasure 3 will not be counted as their find, unless they find Treasure 2 as well.


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