60th Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating your 30th or 60th birthday, a walk down to memory lane birthday theme is a good choice. What can we say, there’s nothing like a good reminiscing to think about fun times, and reaching another birthday year is a surely good time to do so.

And if you’re worrying that a memory lane party can be pretty boring, think again. We can say it will be sentimental but it will definitely be sentimental, personal, and FUN, just the way you like it!


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Party Activities

60th Birthday Printable Games


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60th Birthday Party Games


Precious Moments

This game will test everybody’s knowledge about the (wo)man of the hour . You could decide whether to make this a pencil and paper game or something like that of a TV game show, with buzzer all. However, it is important to identify special events which happened to the celebrant, to be guessed by his/her friends. This should be a fun memory lane activity that will remind some of your guests about a special time or two with the birthday girl/boy. Or it can also serve as a fountain of information for other guests who were not lucky enough to be part of the experience.

The person or the group with the most number of correct answers to your trivia questions, will be declared ULTIMATE friend(s) of the celebrant.

Photographs and Memories

You will need dozens of photos of the celebrant for this activity. Black and white photos are ideal, but if you don’t have any, colored photos will suffice.

The idea is to organize the photos in chronological order. A combination of easy-to-arrange photos (baby vs adult photos) and of more challenging ones will make this game fun to play and at the same time, not boring.

The group who was able to set the order of these photos with the least mistakes definitely deserves a cool prize!

Back In Time

You can also use movies and music to go back in time. You can choose to just watch a classic movie or have a fun karaoke time with your friends, wherein music popular during the 60s (if celebrant is on his 60th mark) or when the celebrant was born will be the focus.

But if you prefer to make a game out of this, then you can choose to play charade wherein classic band, music, movies are the topic. If you don’t want to act things out, then a straightforward guessing game of the music title, singer or movie based on some prepared music or movie clips will also be fun.


This will be another activity wherein there will be no winner and prizes, except for the fun and shared experience of all the people in the party.

You will need to prepare photographs (you could also opt to print some pictures from the party itself), art supplies, glue, scissors, and other things that you will need to work on this precious scrapbook. Assign a part to each person/group, so as to give everybody a role on this activity. You could decide whether to let the (wo)man of the hour join the fun, or just leave him/her sitting pretty, while the rest of you work on this special memento.


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