50th Birthday Party Ideas

If your mom, dad or friend is celebrating their half century mark, then you might want to check out our 50th birthday party ideas.

The ideas here are focused on turning 50, but we don’t see any reason why you can’t just throw a pamper party or a murder mystery bash for their 50th birthday, so be sure to check our other party ideas.


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Party Activities

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50th Birthday Party Games


Fashion Scavenger Hunt

Fashion is one aspect which changes a lot with time and it’s definitely a fun and interesting activity to go back in time, at least in the fashion sense.

The idea here is to hunt for different clothes that represents the time when the celebrant was born or during the 50s. You can limit their hunting ground to just around the neighborhood or up to certain area of your town.

When they find the right clothes, one member of the group must “model” the clothes and have his/her picture taken with the owner of the outfit. 

You can choose to set a limit of at most one set of clothes per household, which means that even if a house has tons of old fashion outfits, the group can only choose one set to model and photograph. We will also leave it to you if you will allow more than one group to model the clothes from the same household.

Set a time limit and ask the group to model and photograph as much clothes as possible within the said time. The group who was able to bring back the most number of valid photos will win this hunt. If you are up to giving more prizes, then be sure to award the group’s best model or the one with the best attire. The birthday celebrant can help in the judging.

Shooting Fifty

This game will test your guests’ shooting ability - the ball shooting variety and not their skeet shooting ability, that is.

You can use some laundry baskets as your homemade hoops. You also need to prepare lots of small balls (some homemade items that can be used for shooting will be fine) that will be used for this game.

Each player will have fifty seconds to shoot as much ball as possible. To make this game more challenging, you can have more than one hoop (multi-level hoops), wherein one hoop is more challenging than the other. The player with the most number of perfect shots on each hoop level will be your shoot out winner.

Back In Time

You can also use movies and music to go back in time. You can choose to just watch a classic movie or have a fun karaoke time with your friends, wherein music popular during the 50s or when the celebrant was born will be the focus.

But if you prefer to make a game out of this, then you can choose to play charade wherein classic band, music, movies are the topic. If you don’t want to act things out, then a straightforward guessing game of the music title, singer or movie based on some prepared music or movie clips will also be fun.

A Shot At 50

You will need a number of cameras here. The number depends on the number of groups you will have, so be sure to ask your guests to bring a camera or two.

The idea here is for your guests to record some special moments of the party. Be sure to start this activity before any of the important segments so as to give your guests more material for their artistic talents. The cool thing about this activity is that the outcome will make a nice gift/memento for your birthday boy or girl.

After all the necessary portions of the party is finished, ask each group to pick a number of photos that they consider the best and  turn these photos into a memento for the celebrant. They can choose to turn this into a collage, scrapbook, and the like. The winning piece will be picked by the (wo)man of the hour.


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