30th Birthday Party Ideas

Approaching the big 3-0? There are lots of ways to approach your upcoming birthday, which depending on your preference, can be a day of pampering, a day of dares and of new life experiences. Whether you prefer one over the other, or maybe a combination of all three, be sure to check out our different 30th birthday ideas.


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Party Activities


30th Birthday Printable Games


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30th Birthday Party Games


Finding Thirty

We will leave it to you whether to make this a group or individual activity, but we think challenging your guests’ ability to collect at least 30 phone numbers of cute strangers is a good 30th birthday party activity. Cuteness here will be certified by the celebrant so you might want to make some camera available to your players (with the advent of camera on phones, this should not be a problem).

Set a time limit and the group with the most number of phone numbers (only cute strangers’ numbers will be counted) deserves some cool prize!

Hunting 30

This is actually a scavenger hunt, wherein 30 items and/or tasks will need to be done by each group within the time limit (and they need to do things correctly) for them to be declared the big winner.

We have a preliminary list below, but feel free to customize so as to make this game more entertaining for you and your friends:

  • Drink 3 shots of tequila

  • Get a (henna) tattoo

  • Sing in a public place

  • Kiss a cute girl

  • Kiss a cute guy

  • Win a card/dart game

  • Dance in front of a crowd

  • Eat a sinful pastry

  • Take a photo of the sexiest footwear you can find (birthday girl/boy will be the judge)

  • Find the sexiest lingerie (birthday girl/boy will be the judge)

  • Get 3 cute guys’ phone number

  • Drive a stranger’s car

  • Get a hickey

  • Slow dance with a stranger

  • Exchange shirt with a stranger (opposite sex)

  • Drink a mystery drink

  • Eat a mystery food

  • Grab a stranger’s hanky

  • Convince a stranger to buy you a drink

  • Stand in a chair and shout something inane to a crowd (eg. I am woman, hear me roar!)

  • Perform a lap dance

  • Go skinny dipping

  • Have a hair makeover

  • Go pole dancing

  • Find cutest girl for the day/night (birthday girl/boy will be the judge)

  • Find cutest guy for the day/night (birthday girl/boy will be the judge)

  • Slap a stranger’s butt

  • Describe your undies to a stranger

  • Get a new piercing

  • Do the Macarena in front of a stranger

Pamper Time

You can choose to visit your favorite salon with your girl friends and have different things done – foot spa/massage, mani-pedi, hand and body massage, and some facial treatments. Of course, you can always invite your favorite masseuse or manicurist at your house and have everything done at the privacy of your own home.

On the other hand, you can choose to do things at home with your friends and some DIY kits, which should still help you have your pamper session. Whether you go one way or the other, we bet this will be a great activity for your 30th birthday party.

Counting Thirty

This is a modified version of the card game 41. On this version, the goal is to reach a number nearest to the number 30 (we’ll let you decide if having 29 and 31 means a tie or whether 31 is better or vice versa).

Not familiar with the original 41 game? Click here for more details.

To add more pizzazz to this game, making this a strip game version (loser is the one with cards farthest from the number 30) will be quite daring and fun, which makes it just the right activity for your 30th birthday party.

Other Cool Activities

For some people, reaching their 30th birthday reminds them that they have yet to do this and that before they become older, and that is what this entry is all about. Since this and that can vary from one person to the next, the things listed here should not be taken as is since for all we know, these are things that you normally do, which makes it far from being a noteworthy experience. Though these are not necessarily party-related activities, we still think these are things that one must try out when one hits the big 3-0:

    • Bungee jumping

    • Wall climbing

    • Blind date/Speed dating

    • Go Kart

    • Sky diving

    • Scuba diving

    • Surf

    • Skiing

    • Learn to cook

    • Hang gliding

    Want more party games? More games for 30th birthday here.



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