Pooh 1st Birthday Party Ideas

.The tricky thing about first birthday parties is that most of your guests will be adults and you definitely want them entertained, but that doesn't mean you can ignore your younger guests as well.

Pooh is one popular bear on the party arena and on this page, you will find some 1st birthday party ideas that features Pooh elements and some tips on how you can have fun with them!


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Party Activities


1st Birthday Party Printable Games


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Pooh 1st Birthday Party Games


Pooh Jigsaw Puzzle Race

This will be a fun race, with each mom/dad-child tandem working diligently on putting their Pooh jigsaw puzzles together.If you have chosen a challenging puzzle, we suggest that you group more than one pair of mom/dad-child tandem so that things can still be finished within your allotted time.

When they finish piecing things together, the kid(s) in the group should go to the birthday girl/boy and sing him/her a happy birthday.

The team who was able to finish their goal the fastest (and correctly at that), will win a Pooh prize.

Tip: If you want to make this a purely kid activity, just get jigsaw puzzles with less pieces and leave the fun of putting things together to your kiddies.

Balloon Popping

Pooh absolutely love balloons so a Pooh party definitely need some balloon-related activity.

This will be an active game with the mom/dad-child tandem working together to achieve the goal, which is to pop all balloons assigned to them.

The balloons are on one side of the room, while the parent are on the other side. The goal of each kid is to bring a balloon to their parent one at a time, until all the balloons are popped.

The team who showed the most ability in popping balloons in the shortest time possible will be declared your balloon popping champions.

Blow, Blow and Blow

We absolutely love this activity while growing up and we think this is a fun activity that your mom/dad-child tandem can work on.

You will need some crayons and candle, the number depends on how many groups you will have. The idea is to "draw" Pooh and friends by blowing the melted colors in the right direction.

We suggest that heating the crayons should be left to the parents and just leave the blowing to the kids.

The parents of the birthday celebrant gets to choose the winning piece.

Follow The Leader

Pooh and friends are very fond of this game, so it's not surprising that this will be one of the activities suggested for a Pooh party. Of course, our version will have a different twist.

This is actually a charade game, wherein after guessing the puzzle correctly, the kid who guessed it correctly should act out the last action made by the pantomime before the puzzle was solved.

The kid who was able to garner the most points (correct answer and was good in following the leader) gets some candies and other prizes!


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