Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Ideas

.The tricky thing about first birthday parties is that most of your guests will be adults and you definitely want them entertained, but that doesn't mean you can ignore your younger guests as well.

Tired of pink and princess parties? Then you might want to check out how Alice and friends can make your little girl’s birthday party extra special and fun!


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Party Activities

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Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Ideas


Longest Happy Birthday

Divide your kiddies into groups of 3s (you can adjust this depending on how many kids you want to take on your longest happy birthday challenge). Once you have groups, invite each group to pick a card from a deck. The kid who got the highest value will be the candidate to take on your challenge - heart cards in particular have higher value than other suits, so a card with 3 hearts is higher than say 3 spades. Of course, the queen of hearts card will have the highest value among all.

The challenge here is to be able to say the words Happy Birthday, <Name of your kid of the hour> the longest, so be sure to have your timer ready. The one who was able to drag it the longest will be your big winner.

Eat and Drink Me Relay

Like all relay games, this game will be all about each player having his or her turn to do the actual challenge, and the next person in line getting his turn once the previous player finishes the task and returns to his team mates. 

But this is where the Alice elements will come in. The task will either be an eating or drinking challenge. So a player can be given a challenge to eat a whole cupcake, a banana or two, or maybe drink a glass of water.  We’ll leave the details of the challenges to you, but whether you go for the typical game or the fear factor version (dare them to eat yucky stuff), we think this is a wonderful addition to your 1st Alice birthday party!

Balloon Race

You will need tons of red and white balloons for this game. This will be an active game with the mom/dad-child tandem working together to achieve the goal, which is to pop all the balloons assigned to them.

The balloons are on one side of the room, while the parents are on the other side. The goal of each kid is to bring a balloon to their parent one at a time, until all the balloons are popped.

The team who showed the most ability in popping balloons in the shortest time possible will be declared your balloon popping champions.

Tea Cup/Pot Painting

After those wonderful active party activities, here’s a creative and quiet activity that will again involve your mom/dad-child tandem.

You will need tea sets, watercolors, brushes, and your guests' artistic tendencies. You can ask your guests to do something related to the birthday girl or birthdays in general, and let their creative juices do the talking. Set a time limit, and the birthday girl’s parents gets to judge the winning piece.


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