18th Birthday Party Ideas

There’s nothing like a cool party to welcome another birthday and turning 18 definitely needs something extra special.


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Party Decoration

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Party Activities


18th Birthday Printable Games


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18th Birthday Party Games


Reaching 18

This is a modified version of the card game 41. On this version, the goal is to reach a number nearest to the birthday celebrant’s magic number (his/her date of birth, age, etc). You can use a typical card deck or special themed ones if that will make this game more interesting for your guests (we found some sexy card deck from if that’s more to your taste).

Not familiar with the original 41 game? Click here for more details.

Eat A Birthday Cake

This is a variation of the popular game Musical Chairs. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two slices of birthday cake will get passed around.

Once the music stops, whoever has the cake need to guzzle them down. The person who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, new slices of cake are made available, the music starts, and the passing of cake starts all over again.

Hitting 18

You will need something that will serve as your bowling ball and 18 plastic cocktail glasses as your pins. Feel free to replace these with other pins if you so prefer.

The idea of the game is still like the typical bowling, players need to knock the pins down. You can use the bowling scoring system or make things simpler and just set a limit on how many turns should each player has and count the total number of pins each guest was able to knock down.

The more pins knocked down, the better chances of winning. If you need to break a tie or two, just repeat the whole process, with fewer turns this time.

Truth or Dare?

This will play like the typical truth or dare game, with the birthday girl/boy asking the questions or daring a player to do something. You can choose to call each on a counter-clockwise fashion or just spin a bottle to see who will take the next truth or dare challenge.

No winners, but we bet you will know your friends better after the party and that is definitely priceless!


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